Installing a pcmcia in a notebbok Hyundai HN-5000

I´m trying to install a pcmcia card in a notebbok Hyundai HN-5000, but the note book does not see the card. In control panel it shows the pcmcia but does not recognize the card, and i can not install it.
Can anyone give me a sugestion?
The OS is Windows ME amd the pcmcia is from Conceptronics.
Thank all for your time
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  1. There may be some options in your BIOS regarding PCMCIA and CardBus. Try some of those out.
  2. Make sure you are not inserting the card up side down. Will not fully insert.
  3. And upgrade to Windows XP =p or 2000...something other then ME basically.
  4. Do NOT attempt a upgrade till you know for sure you have ALL of the drivers you need. Notebooks are not as universal as desktops. More than likely you will not find all the drivers.
  5. hello and thank for your time
    1)For MesaRectifier -
    The board bios is a "SystemsoftCorporation ver. 1.01.26 05-25"
    In divices at the board show a floppy drive, hard disc,
    serial port 1, irDA (HPSIR), parallel port,audio port,
    midi port and wave table. Does not show pcmcia settings.

    2)For Blue68F100 yes i'm put in the right position :).
    And i think conceptronic drivers are correct. I try the same pcmcia in a compaq armada 1700 and it work very well.

    3)For ConsciousTec - Well i'm think in win 2000 because in this machine XP does not work, but its with ME.

    I hope give a little more information
    Waiting for your replys
  6. Worse comes to worse, you may have a dead PCMCIA port, try another PCMCIA card in the slot and see if it works.

    Recently had someone in with a similar problem.
  7. That´s life the other port is the same. Any suggestions?
  8. What function does the PCMCIA card give? Almost any PCMCIA card can be matched via USB. Including USB expanders.
  9. The notebook Hyndai HN-5000 does not have usb. The solution is to a add a pcmcia with usb. That's why i'm trying to put to work the pcmcia.
    Is a way or a program that check if the pcmcia are "death"?
  10. Ah yes you really are in a bind, the only diagnostic option I see for someone other then opening the board up and checking for physical damage (pulled solder, etc.) is to test a different PCMCIA card in the slots. This would eliminate the possibility of it being your card and not the slots.

    If the other PCMCIA card doesn't work on either port you're likely looking at a dead pair of ports, from their your options are limited to the other port capabilities on the laptop.

    I tried doing some research on the Hyundai HN-5000 but for whatever reason the majority of pages I came up with were in another language. If you know of a page with details on your computer link it to me and I'll try to get some other options for you if it comes down to it.
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