Asus P5WD2 Premium vs. Asus P5ND2 SLi

I'm doing the usual D805 OC procedure. I was reading on THG about 8-phase regulator being critical for safely raising voltage without risk to harming MB. Which of these boards, if any, has 8 phase regulator? Is 8-phase regulator even essential. My current plan is to use the Asus P5ND2 SLi at 3.4Ghz until next year when games like Crysis come out that will be hardware demanding. If I ran at 3.8 w/ voltage increase, would that be a problem for the Asus P5ND2 SLi? Would I be best off to spend the extra $100 for the other board?
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  1. A few other questions I was looking to have answered.
    Will P5ND2 hold up fine at 1.500 V? As well, when the voltage is increased and CPU OC'ed to 3.8, which specific components heat up the most? Obviously the CPU gets hot, but what about other areas of the motherboard that arn't around the CPU. Perhaps areas around graphics card or where ever. I will get a good Zalman fan for CPU but if the rest of the MB is running hot, then I imagine having a good side-case fan would work well. If the rest of MB isn't running hot, rather just the CPU, then I wouldn't really see the point in cooling anything but CPU unit. I'm a newbie at this but I'm trying! I'd also imagine that heat is primarily from CPU; thus if heat isn't being disipated properly from CPU, it will disperse around MB. Any experts on these things I'd be happy to hear from you.
    My only question really is whether I can safely run P5ND2 at 1.5V w/o any worries.
  2. Sorry ryder for my english, its poor :( . I had the same questions about the differences of these MB, and the big one is the Premiun is prepared to run ATI video cards in Crossfire Mode, and the other one ...SLI: is prepared to run Nvidia chipsets in SLI mode, which means that in both MB u can use two video cards in SLI or CF, so u can add later another videocard and MB will recognize both. Video Cards are the other stuff in _MB that may overheat and some models comes with its own cooler. The more u use them, for rendering video files for example, the more the GPU ( graphic processing unit ) overheats.
    I finally chose the P5ND2 SLI MB , cuz it was cheaper plus i wanted to use nvidia video cards. About the voltage i dont know nothing about it. I hope this may help u.
    Santiago, argentina.
  3. If you play games and want SLI get the P5ND2 SLI or P5N32 SLI.....

    If you want intel 955x chipset and your not really interested in games go for P5WD2 Premium.

    I would rather oc on the P5WD2 than on the P5N32 SLI. The nividia chipset ie the NB gets quite hot....
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