Real Tek sound card not working after re-enable


I bought a PC with Windows 7 Home Premium , and realTek sound card. Everything has been working well, including sound, until I tried using my USB headset.

On plugging in the headset, I rightclicked on the taskbar settings , and disabled the RealTek soundcard, and made the Headset the default communications and audio device.

However, when I tried re-enabling the soundcard, and made it default, graphically, it shows that the sound card is in use , but no sound comes out of it. My speakers work well on another PC, and when I insert my USB headset and switch the settings, the headset works fine.

Anyone with ideas in what I should do?
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  1. Try taking a look at it in the device manager. Disable and then re-enable there to see if it solves your issues. If not, you could always try updating the driver.
  2. I would actually REMOVE your sound card in the Device Manager then "Scan for Hardware Changes" though I'm not sure if this is any different from Rebooting.

    The worst case scenario is to remove the drivers, reboot and reinstall them (make sure they are the latest available on the web and correct for your version of Windows).

    Is there software for your USB headset?
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