Which one produces more heat, NB or GPU?

Hi, I own a TT bigwater kit (cl-w0005). I am thinking about upgrading the kit by purchasing a NB waterblock. The problem, however, is that the kit I use only have 6.4mm (1/4") water hoses and a single 120mm radiator. I have talked to people who has added a GPU waterblock to ther bigwater kit with no problems, but I haven't been able to talk to anyone with a chipset Waterblock.

So, what produces more heat? A overclocked NB or a GPU in default clocks.
I guess this depends on how much i overclock, but can anyone just give me a rough answer?

Here's my system:
Mobo: Abit ai7 (i865pe)
Graphics card: Radeon 9.8k pro
CPU: P4 Prescott 3.0Ghz
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  1. GPU.

    Modern gpus produce far more heat - even more than newer cpus.
  2. yup GPU it's the toaster these days.
  3. Ok, so I won't have a huge performance hit just by adding a NB block?
  4. i don't think so, you will have no problem with that, unless you'll raise is voltage to high then it will produce some heat.
  5. P5N32 SLI's NB is toasty..... too hot to touch at 1.5v

    The 7900GT is cool tho..... load and its around 55 (stock)
  6. adding a chipset block WILL reduce your performance. you have to account for the fact that you are using more tubing and an extra block. this causes more restriction and decreases the overall system flow. this then will reduce the cooling performance for the cpu and gpu

    to tell you the truth, chipsets are more than adaquetly cooled by aircoolers, adding a chipset block won't even raise your OC
  7. Yeah I would have to agree dont wc the NB and GPU unless you know your water cooling loop is up to scratch
  8. gpu cooling is much different. watercooling the graphics card can increase hte OC by a lot, so i wouldn't call that a useless, but the chipset block is.
  9. OK thx for the answers. I think I'm gonna get the nb waterblock anyway because my NB is only passively cooled at the moment and I don't want any more fans.

    Besides, the waterblock will only cost me 395 Swedish Crowns
    (about 54USD).
  10. passive cooling is ENOUGH, just have good case airflow, which you need either way
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