upgrade of cpu on asus motherboard

can i upgrade from celeron 733mhz to pentium on socket 370 ASUS CUSI-FXN motherboard, what difference will it make in performance?
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  1. Well, ill be honest. You would be better off buying a new motherboard/processor/ram then trying to find one of those ancient processors. You should look into getting a newer system, just use your existing case buy a new motherboard/processor/ ram. You can get motherboard that have integrated graphics/sound card etc for 50 dollars a processor for 30 and you can use your existing hard drive CD ROM case etc.

    But to answer your question, anything would make your computer run a bit faster, that includes more ram. The processor you have now being a celeron, that was the lowest performing processor, like 4 or 5 years ago now is pretty much a waste of time to try to improve performance when the systems now days are so powerful in comparison.

    Sorry to be harsh I hope your not offended.
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