Who's Hungry?

I know that this isn't exactly "breaking news," but I was curious to see what everyone thought of this:

Apparently, Americans eat quite a lot. Who knew?

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  1. With Thanksgiving fast approaching, may I suggest an alternative idea for Thanksgiving day our calorie counting friends may consider. Tofu.

    Not everybody is comfortable with the idea of eating turkeys, which are, let's face it, living organisms, like dogs, or celery. You may wonder, Is there a more humanitarian option that you can serve for Thanksgiving dinner? There certainly is. It's tofu, a semi-foodlike substance secreted by soybeans as a defense mechanism. Tofu can be used as a high-protein meat substitute, as well as a denture adhesive or tile grout. In its natural state, tofu is tasteless and odorless, but if you form it into a turkey-shaped lump, season it well, add gravy and bake it for two hours in a shallow pan at 350 degrees, you can also use it for minor driveway repairs. :sol:

  2. From my slave.
  3. This should help to reduce those calories any way you put it.

  4. Ohh, 67 % overweight, thats ...
    Well, thxs for sharing-
  5. Quote:
    Apparently, Americans eat quite a lot.

    A snack for your taste buds with a refreshing beverage. Also from my slave. :)

  6. After seeing those "products," I'll go ahead and quit eating now. ;)
  7. Come on try the water. I'm dying to know how the dirty hot dog tastes. :lol:
  8. I knew I should book mark that link a while back and be able to make use of it. Made you guys hungry. Better go and eat now.

    I like Leno's dscription of 'Meat Water.' Quote: "We call that vomit don't we?"
  9. I think I'll stay up late tonight and buy all the weight reduction offers off the TV commercials. Might get some of that herbal extender offer and wake the neighbors. It's FDA approved isn't it? :lol:
  10. A big seller at Walmart in China.

  11. Dont forget desert
  12. I think JD was in the same bait shop market I was in recently. Confirmed. Frozen packages of Grubworms were available. I was thinking they make a great substitue for crutons for you really hungry readers. My son wanted to buy a pack and take it to school to prove his manliness. And make the lunch line shorter.
  13. You CAN buy mini cajun injectors, gets em hot BEFORE they pop
  14. Mmmmm dill that's a yummy one.
  15. I'm no longer hungry but I think I'm find.
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