Which files to back up?

I'm going to be swapping over to my new system soon, and I wnat to know which files and software I need to copy to the new system so my internet settings are fine.

More importantly I want to know what I need to copy so my Internet provider sees my new computer and accepts it. I'd like to avoid having to re-connect etc.


I've also posted this in the Internet forum. Wasn't sure which applied.

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  1. use ghost to take the data from old hdd to new hdd...:)
  2. I agree, it’s the best solution. Works fine with Win98, even with WinNT, even when switching on a completely new system.
    Only one thing bothering me: new, clean install of Windows is always highly recommended.
    Every internet provider has different software. Some of IP software have “User Backup and Restore” feature and it’s very easy to restore by transferring the backup file on a new machine.
  3. Not sure that it will work if you completely swap systems, your current drivers will probably not do. To me, you are better to back up your files and reinstall Windows/applications on your new machine.

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  4. Quote:
    <i><font color=green>"....better to back up your files and reinstall Windows/applications on your new machine."</font color=green></i>

    Yeah, I understand what you mean, and I agree completely.
    As I've already posted, I assure the Norton Ghost does work on Win9x, WinNT NTFS. Don't recommend though, to try it if Oracle installed.
    There were cases when we had to replace co-worker’s computer in a very limited time.
    Our accountant had very special programs installed, and she didn’t accept any changes on her customized settings.
    And she used her computer for years without changes, and get to used to it, and nobody knew about her preferences.
    The boss, customers, other people were in panic, waiting. I just mirrored, reinstalled the drivers and it worked for some time as it was previously, Win95-WinNT4 dual boot machine. After couple days had passed, I updated Win95 to Win98. And it worked for next two years.
    Three months ago the system along with new programs, updates was reinstalled from scratch on a bigger harddrive after our new accountant came. It took several days to communicate by phone over different time zones to collect all new passwords, codes and settings for digital banking system.
    And there were some more identical cases.
  5. When changing to a complete new system (i.e. different board/cards etc) its normall advisable to reformat, even more so if the board has a different chipset, in which case I wouldnt ghost the drive. as for the original post, if it is a standard dialup account, then all you need to do is open dialup networking, put in a blank floppy, open A: drive, and drag the connection accross (right click-send to doesnt work), it saves all settings except username and password.

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  6. Agree about not using Ghost, it's just asking for trouble if you're replacing the mobo with a different chipset.

    As to copying the DUN connection, remember the new system probably has a different modem so that setting will need to be changed.
  7. Sorry guys, I took a while getting back to this one.

    I'll put it in better terms.

    System 1
    PII 300
    6GB HDD

    System 2
    PIII GHz
    40GB HDD
    no modem.

    Once I have the system up and running I plan to just pull the modem from the old to the new. (I might go for broadband in the future).

    What I will do is throw in a couple of NICs, transfer all personal files with a crossover cable, and then get the old system ready for sale to a friend.

    The files I'm not sure about, are the ones which allow my computer or my ISP to identify each other, and the files which store all saved passwords. ("Do you want Windows to remember your password") etc.

    This will mean I can just swap the modem, connect and yeehah I'm online again with no reconnection hassles.

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  8. yeah,I see what you mean.
    You have nothing to loose, no time consuming if try GHOST first.
    I did it many times, always successfully, even on a smaller partition/drive with overwriting the size.
    While you drinking coffe, the GHOST does everything itself, then on Win9x machine you boot into Safe Mode, delete devices whatever you want or don't want, the more the better, restart, PnP, some manuall install, sometimes reset or reseat some cards, that's it. It's easy! But the main advantages are that all your programs there along with the settings.
    Of course, <b>clean install is no way always better, I agree with everybody</b>. And I did clean install most in my life. But there're some circumstances sometimes different.
    Again, if you try GHOST first, you almost don't spend time on it. You loose almost nothing. And nothing to warry about in case you don't like what you got. Just take some more coffe, FDISK, FORMAT and so on. If you want to do clean install, do it then!!!!
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