eVGA 256-P2-N584-AR Geforce 7900GT 256MB FOR SALE

Hello everyone. I have TWO eVGA 7900 GT KO cards for sale. I have an SLI system and the cards are in PERFECT working condition. I have upgraded both of them with the ZALMAN VF900 – CU 2 Ball VGA Cooler. I am looking to sell both of these so I can get an 8 series DX10 card so I can start programming with the DirectX10 API. I will sell one or both as a pair but if you get to me too late and I have already sold one, your out of luck. I am looking for about 215.00 for each one. I would be willing to part with both for 400.00. I have only owned the cards for about 3 months and they have the upgraded (and expensive 38.00 a piece) heatsinks. So keep that in mind. If your interested please email me at for the QUICKEST response. I would like to use PAYPAL or some form of secure payment method to do the transaction. Also, if you want pictures of the cards I would be happy to take some for you, but I want SERIOUS people only, I am not going to waste my time unless your interested.
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  1. Just a hint... you are asking more for both of them then a new 8800gts which if I remember right, out performs both of those cards.
  2. Ok, well then go buy an 8800gts, if you want to get a 7900GT with the zalman HSF for 215 bucks then post. I'm offering WAY below retail value of the cards and HSFs. So just a hint, don't be a jerk, I am just trying to sell my videocards at a fair price and if you don't think its fair then just make me an offer.
  3. Zing....
  4. Heres a brand new 7900GT on ebay. Its going for 300.00 which i think is way overpriced but its new. But, you can see the video card and all of its stats.
  5. Do the coolers cut down the noise alot?

    All I play is BF2 so I'd be interested in the coolers to put on my pair.
  6. These are $200 BRAND NEW and they're overclocked to boot. $160 each would be more fair to people (and you'd sell 'em a hell of a lot quicker).

    To make a sale you gotta take a hit buddy...
  7. Bleh, the OP hasn't tried to sell anything yet. People have offered, and w/e.
    Thanks for pointing that out though. @ $200 per card new, $150-160 is a better price to sell used.

    Note to OP.
    Put it up on eBay if you want to be picky and get more from your money.
  8. The real funny thing is that the going rate is what I listed as a fair price. :P
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