Is office 2007 compatible with windows 7

I have just purchased a new laptop Samsung R780 - which runs Windows 7. Is Office 2007 compatible?
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  1. Absolutely...Office 2007 will run in XP, Vista, Win7, and I am sure future OSs will too.
  2. Office 2003 works with Win 7 too, so you're safe.
  3. Yes, it is. I've run Office 2007 on the 32-bit and 64-bit Release Candidate versions of Windows 7, on the official Release versions, and on the Service Pack 1 upgrades. No problems in any of those cases.
  4. Its 100% compatible.
  5. Yes it is. I am running Office 2007 Professional under Win 7 Pro. There are a few glitches when you use Excel but they can be worked around - usually. Word-processing is not aproblem
  6. Sorry by Glitches with Excel I am presuming you may have work done on older versions of Office.
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