Lexmark IBM 4037 5E

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Does anyone have a owners manual for this? I need to change the display
Thanks in advance
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  1. I have such a printer and the bookTthe language is french but I hope I can translate it for you.
    Problem:the screen shows a language wich does not suit you.
    The language has been changed starting from the command pannel
    1° set printer offa
    2°maintain Ready button down and put the printer on .The screen shows a list of different languages
    3°If the desired language does not appear on the screen push on the 4th button
    4° Push on the buttonjust near the language you need.Only one selection would be enough.This language will be usec bythe printer as long as you
    don't change it again.I Did my best and hope it will help you.I also have a problem!my new computer has no paralell port only USB do you now where I could find an adapter working correctly?Thanks in advance .
    E Van den Bussche email edouardvandenbussche€hotmail.com
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