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hello, new to these forums

i have an old gaming rig, and my parents for my birthday put some upgrades into it. they gave me a better hard drive, and an awesome dvd burner cd rom drive, as well as a good power supply.

i was wondering where i should go from here. it is running a p4 1.5 ghz, with an old skool mobo... not worth even looking at what it is..

i need a new MOBO, CPU, and a graphics card. all on a budget. >.>

i want to play games like farcry and HL2, as well as halo etc at reasonable quality. i dont need cutting edge.

my price range is medium low. i am pretty sure i want a amd athlon 64 3000 for the cpu, and a while ago i was drooling over the 6600GT. any other suggestions?

i want socket 939, and not agp.... but then again, if you can find things that are one generation behind, and even agp, and they run the things i want to with "ok" quality, i will look into them.

this is just a budget gaming system, i expect ok quality, and a good price.

thanks for all the help.

Cheers, Dan
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  1. CPU: AMD Athlon 64 3500+

    Mobo: Asus A8N5X

    RAM: OCZ EL 1GB (2 x 512MB) DDR400

    Video: eVGA Geforce 7600GT... or if this is too high of a price for you, grab an eVGA Geforce 7300GT
  2. Which power supply did you get?
    Is the hard drive parallel or serial?
  3. Prophecy is right you should get something that has more features and twice the power. Get at leaast a 550 watt PSU or 600Watt.
  4. 550W is overkill for this system..... he could easily get away with a 450W..... or even 400.
  5. i havent checked yet, but i think my PS is around 350W.. >.>

    so, you suggest current gen, but medium price?

    not high-end last gen?
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