best dual core cpu for

what would be the best dual core intel cpu for gameing under 200$ if not 230$ at most

plz some one help
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  1. Intel E6300 $183
  2. Not to take anything away from it, but just to clarify for him: The processor mentioned by Rich is brand new and will be released at the end of this month. It is also known as conroe or core 2 duo and it will be quite powerful. Good value IMO.
  3. what is it gonna cost
  4. Quote:
    what is it gonna cost
    183$ US and another good 200$ for a Compatable. No choise there either you go AMD or Intel The motherboard are in the range of 200$-400$
  5. There are $150 boards..
  6. Quote:
    There are $150 boards..
    You Forgot to include some of the Juicy feature they will not have. just by not paying a few extra bucks for premium boards.
  7. ok dude not to be rude, but you must not have read anything. All the intel fanboys will say CONROE! while AMD guys like moi say to wait for the conroe to be released because the amd chips will drop in price and if you do go with AMD, then you should look for an AM2 processor and mobo because they'll be better off for the long run while socket 939s will be cheaper but wont be around as long. but tahts the point of view of an AMD guy
  8. Don't take our word on it...check around these threads some more, you'll find links to performance reviews that show Core2 is a far better price/performance value. And it OC's like mad.
  9. i havent been keeping up with the new stuff

    my comp stoped working for an unknown reason didnt look into it so im building a new cause u cant find socket 478 any more so looken for the good but not best stuff u know
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