Just built new PC, having weird problems.

Just built a new computer:
Asus p5ld2
pentium D 930
geforce 7950gx2
1gbx2 Pqi
2x 250gb samsung SATA

Here is the problem(s).

First, I dont have a floppy disc or a spare harddrive with an OS on it. So how do I get windows on the SATA drives? My mobo doesnt have the native drivers.

Second, The reason I dont have a spare harddrive with an os on it is this. I plugged my harddrive from my other comp into my computer through the IDE cables. I booted the comp and it can't get more than halfway through the bootup without immediately restarting. Also if I try to run my windows XP cd with that harddrive in or any other IDE harddrive I get the BSOD saying my harddrive configuration is corrupt or i have a virus.

Thank you for any help!
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  1. You can't boot another systems hd from your new system unless it's very similar i.e. same chipset.

    If you have windows xp sp2 it should see the sata ports as long as they aren't in RAID, if you need raid, pull a floppy from a machine just to get past the f6 portion of setup.

    If you can't get a floppy, use another computer to slipstream the drivers into a new xp install cd, google it.
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