PLS HELP!!! Low FPS, with 2 new video cards.


i recently purchased a 6800 gs ultra, and installed it, to replace my GF 5700Le, hoping i would get a large performance increase in BF2 and CS:S, my excitement was short lived, the video options default was all on high settings (after a installed the card this was the default), yet when i went into the game, BANG 40 fps, with 4XAA, AF x8 +all high quality. installed removed my card and put it in my other computer same thing happened. When i should be getting 70-100 fps for css and about 60 for bf2 all on high settings

When i changed these settings to low, and turned AA and AF off it was about the same (30-40 fps), after messing around with settings and numerous attempts at fixing i returned it thinking it was teh card, and purchased a X800Xl, when i installed this, THE EXACT SAME THING HAPPENED.

Can some 1 pls help, i didnt make both computers my self, and didnt install windows, he(computer salesman) did it.


My computer stats are as follows,

P4 (630) 3.0 ghz
ASUS-Tek P5VDC-Mx Motherboard
1.5gb DDr2 ram p4300 (266hz)

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  1. That's very odd. Did you completely uninstall the old drivers before installing the newest drivers available off the web? Besides the current fps you're seeing, do you know what it used to be in games or benchmarks? Do you have vsync turned off?
  2. I'll second SciFiMan's comment about uninstalling the drivers. You might also want to try formatting your hard drive and reinstalling Windows.
  3. Make sure Adaptive Antialaizing is off.

    I have x800xl and that was a big problem for me when I first got the card.
  4. 1.5Gb?

    3 sticks?

    If you can, use 2 sticks and get into Dual Channel mode.

    Big Difference in my opinion
  5. What did you expect from that card? I've got a 6800GT in my other system clocked at 420MHz and it can't run Battlefield2 at the max. If you want to run Battlefield2 at the maximum you'll need at least a 7900GT.
  6. LOL I agree,

    I play CS:S pretty much every day and I get an average of 100 fps with my system but can swing from 70 to 140 depending on map and how many players. That's with everything max.

    My 3DMark06 score is 8200, even with that 6800GS I doubt helms would get more than 3000.

    IF, you take all your settings down to minimum that card might get you to 100 fps.
  7. The 6800GS should get him a solid 4500-5000, but it's still not powerful enough for Battlefield2 at the max.
  8. I agree completely.

    One thing I've noticed too is modern games when you get into ultra high detail offer little visual appeal for the fps loss. Older games were much more noticable.
  9. I don't think so, not with a single core P4 3.0. I found a similar set up with with 2 gb of PC4200 DDR2 (more ram, better configuration) and with a 7800gt, his score was only 4500.
  10. Oh wait that's 3DMark06. :lol: I was thinking 3DMark05.

    My 05 score is about 12,600 and 06 score is a little over 7,300.
  11. You could try the NGO optimized drivers from

    they have both ATI and Nvidia drivers available, I don't know what their optimized ATI drivers are like as I have a 6800GT which improved quite considerably when i used their Nvidia optimized drivers.

    if you are not overclocking your pc then you might want to double check if you have AGP Fast Write enabled in your BIOS (this should be fine on non oc'd pcs as this sometimes causes issues when overclocking your pc), this can also give you a performance boost. If you are not overclocking and you know how to get to your Hidden BIOS settings ( on my MSI mobo its Shift+F2 and then press ALT+F3 when in the BIOS ) but don't know if that will work for you, but if it does have a look and see if NV/ATI Speed Up is set to Auto, it should be but if this is disabled it can lead to performance dips.
  12. umm...u never mentioned what res you were trying to run these maxed out settings on. Was this on 1024x768, 1200x1024 or 1600x1200???? But then I guess you would have tried the minimum possible setting ... just me being pedantic i guess...;)
  13. i dont really know anything about computers :oops: ...but maybe your psu isnt high enough for the card?
  14. Quote:

    Big Difference in my opinion

    The benches between single and dual channel RAM are in the single-digit percent range... and when I tried it on my system it made little difference.
  15. Quote:
    What did you expect from that card? I've got a 6800GT in my other system clocked at 420MHz and it can't run Battlefield2 at the max. If you want to run Battlefield2 at the maximum you'll need at least a 7900GT.

    my bro has an x850xt and runs BF2 at max running at around 50 fps, and BF2 was made to run on a ud think it would run max
  16. This was on my friends computers, he was using my account to ask the question, anyway he fixed it up a few hours after making the post.

    The problem, - the person who sold him his computers messed with the bios and after he put the bios to default everything worked like it was supposed to. Resolution was 1024*768 and he tried it at lowest quality and it was still slow, weird how the bios settings can affect performance this much.

    Why the hell did the person who sold the computers to him mess with the bios? it really confounds me, someone who sells systems would just be lazy and leave everything default but apparently this wasn't the case. Because of this my friend lost $30 Australian when he returned the 6800gs ultra or watever card he got when he asked for a refund for the card which he thought was faulty.
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