Submissions needed for Conroe/Core 2 Duo mobo list.

Right... since its technically motherboards, I posted in the motherboard forums, but since its strictly related here, I figured a link wouldn't hurt...

Master Conroe/Core 2 Duo Mobo List

Submissions would go a far way for creating a buying list for the Conroe/Core 2 Duo release season... I'll be updating the post daily, and posting a poll around the 16th-18th of July for the most popular board after the list has been populated... post away!
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  1. Great idea.
  2. List is fully updated with most of the Motherboards. If anyone has any information, or stores selling, any of the motherboards list (if they're missing that information, anyway, though 3 3rd party sources allowed per mobo)... Post them, please.

    Launch is not far away, and we need a general buyer's list :)
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