Why am I having trouble playing my games from different game sites?

I am a 54 year old woman who has played games since I first had computers. My favs are Wild Tangent Games, Big Fish Games, and the Iwon site, among others. But now that I put Windows 7 on my computer it will hardly ever let me play unless I put my computer totally at risk by turning off all safety software, and checking the most dangerous things under Internet Properties. Isn't there a better way. Sadly, my life sucks so bad, this is my only way to distract myself from the daily misery around me. Please help me. :o

Linda C.
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  1. you will need to allow your computer to connect to the sites, which safety programs will apparently stop it from doing. you don't need to turn off the software; just make exceptions.
  2. because windows 7 have advanced security wep software and the online games are considerd threats because it make a direct connection between the game server and your pc so if any window come to you as you to allow or not click allow go to your internet explorer security settings and set it to low if you were using bet defender AV you may face troubles with it chose game mode from your AV setup when you plan to play some games
    good luck
  3. Windows XP had less security features than Windows 7. Therefore, when you played those various games you enjoyed playing, you never received any warnings.

    Windows 7 places a higher emphasis on security so when you try to use any programs or games that access the internet, you receive more warnings for those types of events, then you received in Windows XP.
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