OEM windows, when does it activate?

Ok...I'm sure this is an ultra newbie question, but I'm building my first computer and I've done so much research but kinda worried about this...

So I'm buying everything through new egg...and unfortunately I see "RMA" in the reviews way more than I should for basically all the components.

I want to buy an OEM version because it's cheaper, but my stupid question is...

Will my OEM version of windows will only be "used" up (meaning tied down to the mobo) if everything is ok?

Don't even know if I'm explaining it correctly.

Basically...I'm scared I'll use up my OEM version, my mobo will die and then I'll be SOL and have to buy another copy.

I'm assuming that to get to the point of installing windows...everything was set up correctly...right?

I won't install windows and then my mobo will just die and have to RMA it?

I'm not planning on OC anything.

Yeah...basically OEM vs. Retail is the only thing for me to add to the shopping cart.

Thanks for any help!
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    If you replace the motherboard with the same model you will be OK. Even if not, if you contact MS, they will most likely get your Windows activated again.
  2. Hmmm, ok. I'll go with OEM saved me like $100!
  3. if it doesnt activate over the internet you can call MS who will activate it over the phone
  4. use phone option!!!!
  5. normally ms activation server store all your info so you wont abuse it by installing in multiple PC but from my knowledge they reset the data once every few mths, it shouldn't be a problem if you tried activate it for your new mobo, if you can't get it to activate just call them over the phone.
  6. use phone option!!!!
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