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EVGA e-GeForce 6200 AGP 256mg card - any good?

Last response: in Graphics & Displays
July 11, 2006 10:32:32 PM

I've got to update my video card because of getting a new 20" widescreen LCD monitor. Was curious on whether the above stated graphics card would be good. I'm not a heavy gamer (mostly Sims - not Sims 2), internet, photo editing, regular desktop use.

Any input on this graphics card? It's fanless, but we bought a fan to put in the pci slot to help cool in the inards.

thanks! :D 
July 17, 2006 1:53:28 PM

the 6600gt is a good price nower days, i would ercomend you go with that, the 6200 is not recomended
July 17, 2006 2:18:59 PM

thanks for the response. I did alot of searching last night and actually did order the 6600GT. :) 
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July 17, 2006 2:20:35 PM

it depends on how much you actually play games. you can get a 6200 for $56 off of newegg, but you can also get a regular 6600 for $80 from newegg. In the long run you will be doing yourself a favor because a new game might come out t hat you will want too play and the 6600 would be able to play it while the 6200 would not. If you dont plan on buying any games for a long time then go with the 6200 because it is fine for regular everyday computer use.
July 17, 2006 9:37:48 PM

8O -- I own the 6200 256 ( bought at PCCLUB 39.99 :twisted: )

It runs Call of Duty United Offensive maxed out (1024x768) perfectly.

Untill recently - i was in happy land :tongue: -- I decided to change mobo's and upgrade the cpu a bit by moving down the line the system i mainly use in preparation for new SLI system --

Amd xp 2400 (2000 solid )
msi-kt4a ultra (socket a)
1 gig ddr400 kingston (matched pair)
400 watt ps
baracouda 80 gig (udma-100 :(  )
soundblaster 24bit pci
--- eVGA 6200 256 agp ---
netgear wireless wrtvg v2 -- comcast pro cable --

ANyway -- it was running beatuiful for several weeks... then I switched to DDR400 --- ( duh i thnk i just answerd my own question :trophy: )

I am experiencing random System Freezes -- which seems to be limited to running 3d displays ---video's -- screensavers -- game ..ect..ect.

First installed it ran great NO PROBLEMS -- ON DDR-333
then came the ddr400

On DDR400 freeezez ocur -- SO

I clocked down my DDR to 333 in bios and seems to be running -- yet very poorly --

Related to grafics card ???? -- im not sure --- I ran tests on mem = good
tried to use aquamark3 -- 14- 4.5 fps untill i saw enough and killed the power -- haaaa

MEMORY i think is CRAPola -- Kingston value ram DDR400 matched pair = 103$
yes mobo can run DDR400 ( so it says ) ....

So HOW can I check the video ?? i found NO TOOLS for DOS mode ( like MEMTEST and such for memory )

Im out of ideas and not sure where to turn to evaluate this mess !
sry for lengthy post -- expecially when its my 1st here --lol ...

At the least its bidding my time untill arrival of my
Asus A8n32-sli delux
also considering the
MSI K8n Diamond Plus
AMD x2 4200
-- still unsure about which to run -- cheaper DUEL 6600's --
or single 7800 ( for now ? )