2 SATA drives

Is it possible to put two or more sata hdds on a freshly built system without using that RAID stuff? If it is, what are the downsides of two seperate disks?

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  1. 1) Yes, it is. You may have to install the SATA drivers using a bootable floppy (can anyone confirm?) if you plan to install a fresh copy of Windows to one of the drives.

    2) None that I know of.
  2. You will need to enable the raid controllor but set the disks as seperate drives, no raid 0,1 or 0+1, etc.
    The only downside of seperate disks is not having an automatic backup like in raid 1. If the drive fails you lose whats on it but only on the one drive not both like in raid 0.
  3. Some BIOS's allow you to make the sata to act like a PATA, do raid drives required.
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