7800GS Problems

I just bought myself a new XFX 7800GS video card and it's having problems. The two links below demonstrate the issues I'm having. The colors are all screwed up with weird lines all over objects. Anyone have any idea what the problem is?

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  1. I heard that this can solve artifacts, or in your case, strange colours :P .

    go to:
    Start >> Control Panel >> Display >> Settings (tab) >> Advanced >> Troubleshoot (tab) >> ENABLE WRITE COMBINING

    If Write combining is unticked, tick it.
    If it is already ticked, untick it :) Sorry i can't remember which way it works. All i remember is that the option changes artifacts and strange colouring on alot of games. If it doesn't work Simply tick it on/off to it's default settings
  2. Yeah I tried that. Didn't do anything. Turns out it was an amazingly stupid mistake. I spent 3 1/2 hours trying to correct it, when all I had to do was push the card in a little bit harder. Thanks for the help though.
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