i need protection for my new gaming rig

alright everyone.....ive pretty much planned my $2600 or so gaming rig and i need some suggestions on how to protect it. im a college student, and as of right now, i dont have a room on campus...but by the time school starts, i most likely will...but i will have a roommate. its pretty hard to trust ppl i dont know...so i was wondering if anyone knows of any special cables or anything i should use to lock up my tower and monitor just in case he forgets to lock the room or something. im not going to be showing it off or anything...at least i dont plan on it, but im just looking for something to make sure my $2600 rig stays safe. obviously password protection is a nobrainer...but i just wasnt sure if anyone could think of/knows of a way to actually lock it to something. any suggestions r highly appreciated!!!!
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  1. Sounds like u want to physically protect it. Meaning, u can't walk
    away with it. Is that right?
  2. exactly....i found this if i get one for my monitor and tower....it should be ok...right??
  3. Living in a dorm nothing is yours. Protection is only as good as the weakest link.

    Computer hardware [especially high end] is a top target. A little tiny cable on it will only defeat the amateur and he'll likely break it anyway in frustration of not being able to steal it.

    Thieves will steal anything that isn't bolted down just because they can. I went to a christian college and it's no different. I had a 2 yr old cheap electric razor stolen, amoung countless other worthless things... food tops among the most commonly stolen.

    Now if you're in a girl dorm that doesn't allow men visitors a little cable like this would probably be all you'd need.

    If you have visitors to your room it won't take them long to figure out what they need to steal it. A thief will usually case the joint and probably even appear to be your friend.

    The lock on your dorm door is really your only real defense. You could by a big gun safe and stick it in there when you leave. But we all know this would get tedious after awhile.... but no one would be able to move the gun case it would take more than one person if you get the big one.

    A pair of tin snips would snap that cable like a chicken bone. Tin snips probably cost about $5 at walmart.

    However you could buy the little cable and an engraver. Engrave your name all over it... paint the case with your name Artistically drawn on it. Use the engraving thing as a way to identify it. Painting the case would make it stand out... the cable is to keep the amateur away and the paint and engraving is to discourage the pro and get him to look elsewhere for an easier target. Kinda like sticking the club on your car. :P

    Good Luck.....
  4. im not living in a high crime rate area. im just looking for something relatively temporary...because ill be getting a single room to myself...hopefully. in that case, i wouldnt have to worry. do u think i should buy a cheap looking case to disguise all of the high end parts? besides doing that and the cable...i cant think of anything.....and trust me, if my computer went missing.....my roommate would be forkin over the cash....im looking for suggestions...thats it..something practical and useful...the engraving could work..but besides that..nothing else.....so let me know what u think everyone!
  5. Protection? College? Wear condoms. They give em out for free everywhere.
  6. already do buddy....and plz leave these forums and save everyone from ur useless postings
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  8. lol put a tracking system in the computer. and hide it and never tell anyone.

    thats all you can do.
  9. no one can guarantee the actions of another
    leonard nemoy
  10. Here's all the ptotection you need for college


    and if that isn't good enough........... try removing the harddrive whenever you leave your room.........
  11. Quote:
    im not living in a high crime rate area. im just looking for something relatively temporary...because ill be getting a single room to myself...hopefully. in that case, i wouldnt have to worry.

    The single room will likely still have a cheap door lock and a window; security-wise it's better than sharing, but not much. Besides, what happens when your buds come over for a LAN party?

    do u think i should buy a cheap looking case to disguise all of the high end parts?

    Yes -- just like with cars, the bling gets the attention.

    There is a cheap and effective solution, though. If you think about it, the thief is going to have to carry the loot away, so the harder you make that, the harder it is to steal. What I would do is get a cheap but heavy $100 wood desk, drill 4 small holes in the base of the case (say, through the rubber foot pads), and screw the case to the table with 2"-long wood screws w/washers. If you've got a pressboard/non-wood desk, use big bolts (with washers) coming up from the bottom with more washers and then the nuts on the ends inside the case. Use some medium-strength Loc-Tite on the nuts and you're set (unless the thief wants some furniture with that computer! :lol: ).

    Monitors vary in construction these days, so you'll have to look at yours to figure out the best way to secure it, and whether you need to be able to move/adjust it. You might look into getting a flat-panel TV wall mount or flex-arm desk/table mount -- anything heavy duty and boltable should do pretty well. Don't forget to put a padlock on your case, too, so they can't just snag your RAM, video card, etc.
  12. haha, someone breaking in taking my mobo with intergrated graphics.. o i can see it now. the only thing that would hurt me would be my 300 gb external hd i use :(.
  13. My office got broken into and lost most of my computers. And here is what I have done after.

    1 - Computer Case with locking cover, mostly used as Server Case.
    2 - Metal Filling Cabinet with lock that can fit and LCD Monitor.
    Wireless Keyboard and Mouse can be stored in the cabinet too when not in use.

    Then screw or bolt down the bottom of the computer to the filling cabinet.

    It may cost you more than you might want to spend but if you can get the cabinet for less than $100.00 then the computer case is all up to you. Or get a cheap case and drill both side of the case and put lock on it.
  14. but really, when it comes all down to it you can still get robbed anyway. expecially living with someone. umm do you have insurance of something for those things of things?
  15. LOL, I was replying to newtist and you bit me by a sec.
  16. Yes I do
  17. eh well u really got nothing to worry about then.
  18. If you don't want anyone to be able to lift it, put 4 CD drives, 3 hard drives, and watercooling inside a steel chieftec dragon case. But install those after you have it exactly where you want it forEVER. It ain't going ANYWHERE. Oh also, one of those little defcon/kensington locks are always good, just drill a little oval in your case and bam, done.
  19. I would do as someone suggested with the bolting to the desk or floor. Buy the cable too, if you are really scared get the cheap case too. Then find something like a pipe or something where a bike lock could attach to. Then buy bike lock extension things (the ones with the loops of each end) and then feed it through the hole (better hope your monitor has 2 arms as a stand not a solid stand!) and feed both the loops through the U in most good quality bike locks. I would hide the external HD behind a bookcase or bed or something since it does not need constant handling to be functional. It can just sit behind the bed while you can still use it from your computer.
  20. Its been awhile since I've been into a dorm room, but don't they usually have some sort of wardobe closet that is lockable? You could always just put the case in there and lock it up. I would definely think about getting a cheap case just to disguise the insides even it is just temporary. That way you could paint it up ugly as hell and drill the helll out of it and bolt it down.
  21. Find the crappiest used tower you can find never let your room mate use your PC and always complain its too slow.... People usualy dont steal junk lol Inside stuff a nice power supply and all your goody goods :) physical locks actualy do work ! ohh password protect your BIOS and OS... just to be a pain in the ass if some one does steal it. I also have heard about "Phone home" software that can email you with its location if anyone steals it and its not where it should be. Thats all the junk I can think of for now.

    One more thing if you have alot of school work make sure you back up your data... you can replace a PC for like 300 bucks but 2 weeks worth of work is surely worth more then that :) External HD's are best for this IMO.
  22. The insurance will cover it, but the hassle of setting it up again is just too much for me.

    It's been three years now and so far they haven't back yet.
  23. i agree a junk case passwords and that phone home thing would be awesome.
    yawns put a gps system on that thing and thats all.

    but with all this trouble having a laptop would be much better for this kind of work. but if you get a laptop be sure to take it where ever you go because a nice laptop is screaming to get taken.
  24. alright...to address everyone....there r no locking cabinets in the rooms here at lovely umass....the locks r NOT cheap at all....try Best(the company name) locks that r a deadbolt as well....the best locks u can buy. the univeristy provides all of the furniture, so i cant do anything to the desk or anything. i just have to work around what i have in the room. i could try the filling cabinet idea...that could work. i was actually htinking about insuring it...since its going to be so much money lol. i also have an external hdd that i will be using. but i htink the most promisin is the phone home program...i have to look into that. it seems pretty cool. and i must say THANK U EVERYONE....except for the jacka$$ who talked about condoms

    edit: also..i already have a laptop..but its not powerful enough for the gaming ill be doing
  25. I would suggest this website, its the place where u can buy these kind of things and there not expensive
  26. The way to do it is simple - go for the hide it in plain sight approach.

    A case is a case, pretty much. So stuff the computer in a really crappy case. You want something that is identifiable as a piece of junk like an old IBM 486 era tower or something like an old Amiga 1000 or simmilar. Or go get an old Apple IIGs. :) Thieves will look at this again, yellowed piece of junk and leave it.

    This will require an old crummy 15 inch monitor to make the deal look complete, though, which is a negative.

    This is what I have in mind. :) Who's going to TOUCH something that ugly?

    Even better. ICK. The 5.25 inch drive says "*maybe* I run a word processor" to thieves. :)

    Or go complety off the wall. Nobody's going to touch an old first gen NES.

    Use a Betamax top-loading deck, complete with some old movie in it and it would be safe from looters after the bomb drops. ;)

    bonus points for this one.

    This tops the list. An old IBM PCJr or 8088 would be the most stealthy.
    A: - it uses a standard keyboard - just get an older PS2 type keyboard and use it with your computer via a PS2/USB adaptor (most new keyboards come with one)

    Something like this is good - the idea is old looking as possible, with old style click-keys - the closer to an old PC keyboard, the better.

    Use an older looking monitor on top, no bigger than 15 inches.

    Use a corded mouse. Unless they pick it up and look at the rear, it's an old and haphazzard computer some poor student cobbled together to write an occasional essay on. Be sure to keep the old 5.25 drive and 20 meg HD in it in the front if you can. :)
  27. One of my friends actually had his graphics card stolen from his computer and thats it, but thats still 500 bucks he paid for it and it was in a pretty boring case, of course he usually left the side off it. I figure if you're concerned with it just do what I did and don't bring your desktop to school, you shouldn't be playing games anyway, you're there for school remember. :wink: I didn't want to bring my nice desktop to school so I got a nice 600 dollar thinkpad from newegg. (which was an amazing deal btw,) I found out you save a lot of time not playing games and doing other college things if you know what I mean. If you really must play some computer games though I found that Age of Empires II will run great on almost anything as will caesar III and those both suited my purposes while at school. For safety just carry your laptop with you everywhere or hide it somewhere in your room. And backup all your school work to an e-mail or something so you can not only keep it safe but access it from any computer with an internet connection. If you really want the data safe do what I do; I keep one copy on the laptop, an external hard drive, my computer back at home RAID 1 at my parents and its external hard drive, my flash drive, mp3 player, two gmail accounts. work e-mail, and on my server. I don't think I'll have any issues with lost data. Thats just my suggestion that I know you won't follow but have fun when someone steals your computer.
  28. Quote:
    ....the locks r NOT cheap at all....try Best(the company name) locks that r a deadbolt as well....the best locks u can buy.

    But literally dozens of people have the keys, from the dorm staff to maintenance to their friends, etc.
    ... the univeristy provides all of the furniture, so i cant do anything to the desk or anything.

    You can still bolt a metal plate to the underside/back of the desk where it (or later, the holes) won't be visible.

    Good luck and have fun at college!
  29. videosecurity with at least two cams, with the images directly sent to the web with movement detection
  30. good ideas! i think i can make a small hole in the back corner of it...and then later plug it up with a dowel or something...no one will notice....esp the ra's when i check out. they dont pay attention.they just look in the drawers and thats pretty much it. so i think i can do that without a problem. but once again...if i can get a room by myself....i wont have a problem..but i will prolly still use something
  31. Sorry dont have time to read everyones replies..but in all seriousnes their is a service you can buy which literally is like a GPS system and tracks your computer..if its stolen and connects to the internet i think regardless if its formatted or anything it WILL find it and tellu where it is...i remember i saw it on some T.V show sometime ago. Google it im sure you could find it..that is if u want to go the software instead of physical protection.

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