Need good 120mm rear case fan

Finally have all my below gear and am ready to start my first real build. I Still need a 120mm fan for the rear exhuast ...the case already has a 120mm intake fan in the front/bottom...need some recomendations for the rear.... Im looking for quietness & quality...

Also, can I get away with the stock fan/heatsink with the 4000+ if I am only going with one 7900 GT for the time being with no cpu overclocking either??

Thanks for any info

Athlon 4000+
WD 250 Caviar SE16
Asus A8N32-Sli
2x 1GB Patriot pc3200
BFG 7900 GT OC
Sony DRU-800
OCZ 700w Game X Stream
X-fi / Klipsch 5.1
C. M. Centurion 532 case
21" CRT
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  1. As you can see, there are eleventy billion 120mm case fans:
    Pick what you like (note the cfm [cubic feet of air/minute], noise level, and rpm to give you a rough idea of how the fan will work), but I'd spend at least $7 and avoid all the sleeve-bearing fans.

    Your OEM hsf is designed for the processor, so it should work well enough without OCing. Of course, an aftermarket hsf may very well lead to lower temps, which is nothing but good for the processor.
  2. thanks for the info!!
  3. There are no better fans on the planet for low noise than Silenx. - serious engineering and silly low noise levels.
  4. I have used this 120mm fan for the past year. It moves A LOT of air! The speed is adjustable and therefor the noise. Put it on high for games and leave it on low for web surfing
  5. Wow, 110CFM. It can accomplish that with only 39db? That is amazing. Wish it came with some LED, though. Nice find!

    Same with the SilenX. 72CFM with 14db? That is almost too good to be true. Nearly twice the efficiency of the Silverstone, meaning that for every decibel you get around 2.x+ CFM, while with SilenX you get around 5.x+ CFM for each decibel.

  6. Great info guys...thanks...i'm def. going to check it out a little later today...does sound good!!
  7. Dude, Even With The Stock Heatsink You Could OC To A Good Margin, Yes The Stock HSF Will Do Fine, As Long As You Have Good Case Ventilation.
  8. Thats good to know thanks...down the road I might give it a wing.. once I do all my homework

    Bye the way I looked into the Silenx website..think I am going to go with either the 120x120x25...0r the 120x120x38...does anyone have any opinions on the choice..rather then me srew up the specs here is the sight that list's them..(bye the way I dont leds) I think the specs are the same though

    thanks again
  9. Definately go with the 120*25mm 72cfm model.(14db) - it's wonderful.

    Now, about case modding for cooling.

    - See those grilles on the rear and on the intake? Those stamped metal areas with a zillion small holes in them? Now take a look at your power supply's fan. Notice the difference between optional and critical cooling?


    Yep - the sad fact is that you double your noise from backpressure and reduce your airflow by 2/3 with a stock case. What you need to do is:
    A: Take a Dremel and cut out all of the stamped metal with small holes in it orafices/fan mounting places on the computer chassis.

    B: Replace with proper wire fan grilles. 72cfm is plenty as even 200cfm through those small stock holes won't be much better, restricted.(and loud as hell to boot) NOTE - front intake leave without a grille unless it's literally the front of the case(in which case, install a grille - paint to match if you like)

    C: install a slot cooler/blower. Place this with at least 1 inch of free airspace between it and the video card if possible, if not - reverse it and have it drawing away from the card. This should give you a combined 100cfm out the rear.(power supply is a moot point in my book - just be glad it's not appreciably heating the case)

    D:replace the GPU and CPU coolers with a Zalman or Silenx model. Yes, it's a bit pricey, but the stock ones are noisy and inadequate. A Zalman GPU cooler with a 80mm fan in it working at moderate speeds will make less noise and move more air than a stock blower working its rear end off to no avail.

    E:The real trick. You should have one fan blowing in 20cfm or so in the front and the others blowing about 100cfm out. Open up one of the 3.5 bay covers, preferably over your HD. Instant drive cooler and intake. The pressure difference will cool down the incoming air by 10 degrees or more and then return to slightly below room temperature after cooling the hard drive. This also will create a straight path across the CPU for airflow, which will suck out other air along with it.

    (most cases have small holes in the rear and on the sides - but one large opening will let more air in there than the others combined and pull the air out quickly instead of it slowly being sucked out.(due to backpressure again)) Less lint and dust as well.

    But the real trick is the Dremel and fan grille replacement. This trippled my airflow. Together, all of these mods dropped my case temperature by 13C. My graphics card is a X850XT with a big Zalman fan on it. 40C while gaming. My CPU with a simmilar cooler barely reaches 40C as well while being beaten to death.(Northwood P4 - not a real energy hog).

    Before it was 55C for the video card and 50C for the CPU/MB. And an incredible din from the video card going on full-speed and the fans pounding away at the stamped grilles 1-2mm away from them.
  10. Just ordered it!!! thanks for all the other tips also
  11. Excellent; good luck!


    P.S. Anyone know where to buy those SilenX fans? Can't find a single place...
  12. I found a few places from the silenx site under retailers...buI I ended up getting this one on ebay new/retail from "Distincomputers"...I think they have a site with shipping was $28.00

    Good luck!!!
  13. Got it, thx!

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