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Hello all,

I have an important question here, i have a PCI-e x16 slots that is unused, and have video card with 4 DVI output, that fits in and is installed in my PCI-e x4 slots.

now i got a NIC card PCI-e x4 cards and no room for it...

Would it work if i move the video card (ColorGraphic Xentera Quad Display PCI-e x16) ( that fits in my x4 slots ) in my PCI-e x16 slots so i can install my pci-e x4 nic in the appropriate slot ?

im a bit mixed up because the lenght of the connector doesn't match... not like pci/agp where the connector lenght was standard/all the same, was pretty straight forward.

thx for your help.
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  1. You can install a PCI-e 1x, 4x, and or 8x in a 16x slot with no issues.

    infact, there are certain 4x cards that require a 16x slot to work correctly.
  2. so it's not a physical question when it comes to pci-e but an electrical.

    and ye, got everythign to work. im happy :)

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