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Pl enlighten me re. Scanner driver for Acer 620 UT / Windows 7 OS. If available please let me know the contact details.
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  1. Acer split off its scanner dvision to Benq and now Benq no longer makes scanners. But I did find these links, and I am downloading them now, but haven't tried them yet.;5
  2. kagero said:
    Acer split off its scanner dvision to Benq and now Benq no longer makes scanners. But I did find these links, and I am downloading them now, but haven't tried them yet.;5

    It works fine with XP but not with Windows7?????
  3. ACERSCAN 620U Drivers working on Windows 8 64-Bit

    Get the x64 drivers here:

    Ignore the heavy duty INF instructions and just do this:

    because they're unsigned you'll have to 'advanced restart' then select #7: run without checking device signatures; load the drivers after okaying a red box warning.

    I downloaded GIMP 2 (freeware) to actually run the scanner instead of the old Mirascan software: File > Create > Scanner/Camera > select "flatbed" and it works/scans.

    So happy that in the year 2013 my old flatbed STILL WORKS!! This was a brand-new Dell (2013) running Windows 8 64 bits! I've never posted anything 'techie' before, but after searching for hours and getting this working I wanted to help others.

    Download Gimp2; Download drivers+unzip; advance restart+signature detection off + load drivers.
  4. Thank you, Mike! This worked like a (free) charm on a new installation of Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit.

    For those who, like me, find Mike's instructions a little too telegraphic, here are the details that worked for me:

    Download the driver ZIP file ( and unzip all the files into a directory that you can easily find again.

    Make sure that the scanner is connected and turned on, so Windows can find it.

    Restart the computer, tapping F8 during bootup until “Advanced boot options” appears. If F8 brings up the BIOS settings instead, exit the bios setting screen without saving and quickly tap F8 a few times again to get the Windows "Advanced boot options" screen.

    Then select the option to install device drivers without checking signatures.

    Once booted up, from the Start menu, select Control Panel, then Device Manager, then right-click the scanner.
    Click Update Driver Software, then Browse my computer for driver software, then browse to the directory with the driver files (specifically, a file ending in .inf).
    Click Next. A red warning window will appear, saying “Windows can’t verify the publisher of this driver software”. Click Install this driver software anyway. A window saying “Windows has successfully updated your driver software” will appear. Click Close.

    This installs a more rudimentary interface than the old MiraScan, but it works. Scan to a JPG or other format image file by going to the Start menu, clicking "Devices and Printers", and double-clicking the "FlatbedScanner 13". You have much less control over the image; no levels clipping, tone curve, etc., just brightness and contrast. But again, it does work.

    For much more control, consider downloading VueScan, which supports this and other scanners -- but it costs $40, maybe more than you want to invest in a scanner whose bulb will probably fail one of these days anyway.

    If you use Corel X6 Graphics Suite, you will also need to install Service Pack 1 to allow scanning in a 64-bit operating system. With that, you can select the scanner and acquire an image directly into Corel PhotoPaint or Draw using the same simple interface that you see by clicking the scanner directly.

    Thanks again, Mike. You made my day.
  5. :hello:

    As advertised above these drivers work fine in Windows 7 x64 - saves some money for new scanners which probably wouldn't do much better - who knows? :) Steam powered tech roolz!

    If you have just tried to install Acer scanner after having just installed W7x64 - as in my case - you won't find Scanner to click in the Device Manager, it will be Unknown Device - however, if you ensure you have no existing Unknown Devices when you come to install your scanner, then it will be the only one there ;)

    MS Paint does an OK job of managing stull from the scanner if you want something basic, but not as basic as the 'more rudimentary interface than the old MiraScan'

    However, having used it at work, I guess I'll grab GIMP2 - wouldn't touch the Corel stuff with a bargepole, though :D
  6. Has anyone got the transparency function of the 620ut working with this method?
    I need to scan small xrays/slides.
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