How well will a psu with a 120mm fan work in a Lian Li case?

I was looking at some Lian Li cases and wanted to mount an OCZ gamestream psu in it. However the gamestream has a top mounted 120mm fan, were as most PSUs have rearmounted 80mm fans.

It looks like all Lian Li cases are designed for the rear fan types.Anyone stick a top fan PSU in a Lian Li case with good results? If so what case and PSU?
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  1. Hey there, I'm using a OCZ gamexstream 700W with a lian-li PCV-1000 and it works just fine. The 120mm fan pulls cool air through the bottom of the case, it's perforated, and exhausts it out the back. Not sure how it would work with some of their other cases, but I think they were all designed similarily to use a wide range of PSU, 120mm or 80mm rear exhaust...
  2. I use lian li 1000 and silverstone 600w (1x 120mm fan) works fine...

    I used to use Tagan 555 in push pull (2x 80mm) worked fine too
  3. fan placement doesnt matter as long as it gets air to move.
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