P-D 930 Failing 3dMark06 CPU test?


I just put together a new system. Core specs involve:

Pentium D 930
ECS C-19A mobo
2GB Corsair RAM
Radeon x1900xt

I fired up 3dMark06, and the first two graphics tests went so-so (often dropping 10 frames in the combat one, around 20 all the way through the forest). Then the CPU test came on, and my machine crawled. It ran at maybe .33 fps. I cancelled the test, checked that the cpu was indeed rated at the 3.0ghz that it should be, and got the same result again. The thing is running fairly cool (30-40C), but the test is destroying it. I think the CPU loss is hurting the first gfx and the HDR tests as well. What could I be doing wrong here?


edit: benchmark tests in Sandra work fine.
edit again: ATI catalyst control tested my gfx card and ramped the overdrive on the gpu clock almost all the way up. Running the combat test froze the system. I turned overdrive back off after that.
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  1. Its the nature of the test. As you said, this is a CPU test, and CPUs are not very good at doing this kind of work. Let it run, it will eventually finish it... (there are less then 100 frames, so it takes a little over a minute for this test to finish.)
  2. Yep, that is just what happens. They made that test looking forward, think it's bad with your d930? Try it with a single core...
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