Classic Question With a Twist: X1900XTX / 7900GTX / Next Gen

Hey all,

First and foremost - yes I've used the search button and I know the base answers between this debate XTX = higher image quality, more shaders, etc. However, a local retailer recently gave me a crack at a 7900GTX at a very nice price (retail box - cost of around 300-325). All things considering I'm upgrading from a X700 PRO and am wondering if ill see huge differences and if the upgrade is worth it at the sweet price listed above.

My basic gameload now is: FEAR, Battlefield 2, etc. and I am planning to turn this beast into a HTPC (HDTV, etc.) when I get the new 47" LCD in Fall 2006. Gaming has somewhat faltered into my later years and I dont play as much as I used to; therefore, if this thing gets me top-notch to medium setting performance over the next 2 years ill be happy.

So basically all things considered: wait for a price drop on XTX, grab the 7900 GTX or wait around until the next gen's emerge?

Thoughts and suggestions appreciate.

Thanks for all of your input,
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  1. $300 ish for a new 7900 GTX?

    Buy it, no question.

    The X1900 XTX/7900 GTX debate exists because they perform so closely overall, you wouldn't be dissapointed with either.

    At that price, you'd be crazy not to grab it...
  2. You'd be ignint *LOL* to not get that GPU.

    For future reference, Cleeve, the next time somebody strikes a deal THAT golden for a card of that caliber, say it sucks, get the phone number to the shop, PM me with it and I'll take it from there. I'm all about helping people, then again, when you come across something like kinda have to "put Ol' yeller down' if ya know what I mean.
  3. IllVertig0Ill?
    That card sucks and Raven needs the number of the shop that sells it for that price.

    Or is it maybe too late to try that now...? I'm never any good with this stuff. :P
  4. Yeah, I am totally agreeing with the other guys here. Shoot buy it any you'll probably get that much back for it selling it used when DX10 cards come out. Or just buy it anyway, and sell it sealed on ebay now using the profit to buy a 7600GT to hold you over until DX10 cards come out.
  5. LoL - thanks guys. I knew it was a easy decision, just like the hear the other side of the argument occasionally (if there even is one). Should be pulling the trigger on this one this afternoon - thanks again.
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