Hello i have recently upgraided my acer aspire 7535g

from vista primium to windows 7 but now my blue tooth will not work and my ati dedicated hd 4570 graphics does not work, i have tried downloading the drivers from acer web site and ati radeon website with no fix of this problem can anyone help with this problem please ive been at it for the last week and really need my graphics to work in order to play my cod 4, i wish i had stayed with the vista now as this problem has stoped me enjoying my expearience, would appreachiate response with reasons why i am having this problem :-( declindreslin@hotmail.com
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  1. i would do a clean install i.e. installing windows 7 with nothing on the computer.
    Backup all info on your computer and reinstall windows 7 using the custom install rather than the upgrade :)
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