can't change my email

I cant change my email! I go into profile and try to change it and it never sends me an email to confirm it in order to change it.

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  1. Please don't think I'm being funny asking this.. But are you typing you password in before you press submit? You have to confirm your password to make changes to your key account settings.
  2. No I don't think that is a funny question.

    I type in my new email address and no matter what I do I never get a confirmation to my new address.

    I just typed in the new adress ......nothing

    Typed in the address and password nothing

    Did the password twice nothing.......

    So far I have been able to navigate my posts so I can manage ok

  3. So just to be double sure.. You type your new e-mail and then you enter your current password and press submit?

    As far as I knew that was the way to do it. Are you sure the new mail account is working OK?
  4. Yep my new account works fine.

    I have FiOS with Verizon. is a

    Not a .com will that make a difference?
  5. Other than it being a problem with your browser settings I've got no suggestions. Are you in a position to try the change from another machine?

    What OS & Web browser are you running? Are cookies on or off etc..
  6. I tired firefox and IE with no luck.

    Thanks for your help.
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