What Do You Guys THINK!!???

Hey Guys I have lately built 3-4 computers by writting down 3-4 machines of specs..
I only need the upgrade!! Ive already got other parts on my old computer

Computer AT the moment: (age 5 years)
Pentium 4 2.8 Ghz + Hyper Threading
1Gig of Pc3200 Kingsston Dual and 1 Gig of PC3200 of Geil
Thermaletake PurePower 680W
120Gig Harddrive
Soundbaster Audigy ZS2

I am planning to change the mobo, cpu, vga card and ram soo that means i have the PCI-Express function, conroe compatibility and etc.

I have come up with this:
Asus P5WDH Deluxe
Pentium 4 950 3.4Ghz
2x1Gig Corsair Value DDR2 667
HIS 512MB IceQ3 X1900XT
Thermaletake PurePower 680W
120GiG Harddrive
Soundbaster Audigy ZS2

Sooo im just wondering if that is a good combination or should i have some different parts like a new better hardrive or something etc etc..
And also ive got some questions you guys could answer:

Do these parts work well together as in low amounts of confusion and freezes???

Is my powersupply enough for all the new hardware??

Should i start with a fresh hardrive since ive got a freaash cpu, motherboard and etc. or CAN i use both?? of i get a SATA one ?? A Western Digital or a Seagate barracuda 7200.10 or wateva the new hardrives are.. Please Help on That!

Im also worried about this thing it was said on this site:
Note: In order for a Core 2 DUO (Conroe) processor to work with this mainboard you may require to perform a BIOS update which will require an older processor or contacting Asus for a new BIOS chip. OcUK does not provide a BIOS flashing service and will not accept used product back unwanted as this board does support Conroe with Asus latest BIOS.
Is that true? is so i aint a comp expert :S and i dont want to do that if i decide to use a CONROE down the track :S ???

Hmm wat other questions??
Any thing that can help me decide! and any other relevent suggestions that can help me build a decent pc :D that is mostly used for gaming but have some strenuating programs like photoshop video editing (intermediate) and listening to mp3s and dvds and movie watching u know the deal :P heheh

Please Suggests As Much as You can!! Ive been scratching my head and losing all my head hahah :P :P
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  1. wait Conroe... it is going to come out... :lol:
  2. Wait for conroe, it'll be worth your money. And about the the PSU on your current Machine. Thats complete and total overkill. 680 watts to run a P4 2.8?!?!? Im not sure if you use a graphics card or what not in that machine, but you overdid it. Anyways, everything else looks good. You may want to get a DX10 card in the future(end of this year). The x1900xt will do good for now.
  3. LOL!

    The first thing that I saw was the 680W on a 5 year old computer, wow, how much money did you spend on that!

    My first opinion: Wait for conroe, its like 2 weeks till it comes out.

    If not, here are answers to your questions:

    1. Parts always works together usually
    2. Your PSU enough? uhm, you wanna SLI 7900GT or sumthing, you still have enough power.
    3. It is better to get a new HDD, but then it is up to you, if you think that SATA and IDE make not much difference in terms of transfer rate, then save up that 100$
    4. It means that you need to contact them to send you a BIOS chip... and yeah, if you aren't good with computer, this mobo isnt the BEST idea to choose... but you can always risk it.
    5. I don't remember, but I've heard sound card don't work too well with conroe yet... not sure.
    6. If you are gonna get conroe, drop out your 950 because it is pretty useless. Its like a couple weeks till conroe, save up that money and buy a better conroe.
    7. Depending on what you wanna do with your comp, if you game, get OCZ ram... and also if you want to overclock, which I highly doubt.
    8. DX10 is going to come out, if you think about it, mid lvl DX10 card is gonna rape the x1900 *what ATI said*... so if I were you, I'd spend a lil less on your gfx card. Perhaps a x1800 or something, save that 200$ for DX10 when it comes out.

    Finally: My first suggestion to you should be better, but its up to you... ie... if you dont trust conroe yet, and you plan to upgrade only in like 1-2 years later, then its up to you. But I think its worth the wait.

    PS> I still can't believe you got a 680 for a 2.8ghz P4!!!
  4. i actaully spent 285... i only got it lately.. like prolly 2-3 months ago

    Becoz i always get PSU problems blowing up suddenly and requiring to get a new one.. its probably my 4th one.. ive been going up the WAT ranks from like 480 antec and now to the 680 thermaltake true power SOO I DONT KNOW how high i can get :S

    though i do leave my comp on 24/7 :S i prolly wont do that to my new comp becoz i think it will burn :( with my graphics and new mobo :S

    i do have alot of other things plugged into usp liek mouse keyboard externaml usb network card and epson rx510 multi function printer usbbed.
  5. Dude, dont go with value ram, get XMS, and tighten up your timings a little bit. If your building this for gaming it helps. It costs a bit more but totaly worth it.
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