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Really confused by this one. I have a Leadtek GF6600GT and run the TV-out through the included adapter into a 4 pin s-video cable which in turn plugs into a scart adapter in the back of my TV. Pretty standard setup, and has worked fine from day 1.

Went to use my tv-out a few days ago however and all the picture output is in black and white. The bizarre thing is, I haven't changed any of my settings, drivers or anything. I checked all the plug connections, reinstalled the video drivers, tried different versions of drivers and made sure that the correct PAL/NTSC settings were selected. Also tried manually setting tv-out to s-vid rather than automatic but nothing made any difference.

I'm at a loss as I have tried all the suggestions I can find and nothing works. If I could narrow it down as to what was causing the fault it would be a start but I don't want to start buying new cables, graphics cards etc until I know what is causing the problem.

Anyone got any ideas? And thanks in advance for any help :)
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  1. OK you have 5 pieces of hardware to troubleshoot: The TV, the SCART adapter, the S-video Cable, the Nvidia adapter and the graphics card. I would try a new source and a new destination; this will allow you to eliminate the most expensive repairs. You could try a different TV set by using a friends TV (or another TV in your house) or porting your rig to a buddy's house. You could also plug in a DVD player/VCR to the S-video cable; this will test everything downstream of the Nvidia adapter.
  2. There may be a pin in one of the cables or connectors that has been bent or broken off.

    Visually examine the various male and female connections.
  3. Sounds like a busted cable. S-Video has 4 pins, 2 for luminence (black and white) and two for chrominence (color). If any of the pins/wires that carry the color signal are busted, that would explain your problem. As Prolfe said, plug the adapter cable into a DVD player and see if you have the same problem.
  4. Thanks for the replies. Have tried swapping the scart adapter and have visually checked all the plugs/sockets but no change as yet. Will try and borrow a replacement S-Vid cable if the DVD player test doesn't work.

    Good suggestions though, reckon I'll figure it out eventually!
  5. Try setting your video card out to TV at 30Hz.

    I have same issue connecting new video card to my TV since my old video card works fine. Video Card I think was preset @ 60Hz, Changing my frequency to 30Hz fixes the problem.
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