DDR Memory limits Intel overclocking?

I just recently upgraded my motherboard and processor. I was running a AMD Athlon XP 3200+ and I moved on to a Intel Pentium D 805 to see how good of a overclock I could get. My motherboard takes both DDR and DDRII so I decided to use my old DDR PC3200 for the time being until I can offord some DDRII 800. As of right now I got my FSB overclocked to 165mhz giving me a CPU clock speed of 3.3ghz. (20x165) Everything runs awesome at this level no problems what so ever. CPU idles around 39c and under full load jumps to about 44c. So my temps are in check but if I try to run the system at say, 175mhz FSB to give me 3.5ghz, the system will almost instantly reboot after loading into windows, sometimes it won't even make it into windows. Is this a sign that the DDR memory just can't keep up with the CPU or a sign that I am at the limit of my CPU. I thought that the regular DDR would do fine up to 200mhz where it is designed to go. I plan to get the good DDRII in the near future, just wondering if I will have better results once I get the new memory. Thanks for your time.
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  1. PC3200 is rated at 200 MHz, the PD 805 not
    Your CPU is the problem.
  2. I have a D 805 and at about 3.5 you have to up the voltage to stay stable. Try going up in the smallest increments you can until stable.
  3. So let me ask you this, I keep hearing that the performance difference between DDR and DDRII isn't that big do to the high letency's of the DDRII. Is it worth it for me to make the upgrade to DDRII?
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