XFX 6800XT or Sapphire X800gto

XFX 6800XT
-8 pipes
-450 MHz core and 1.0 GHz Memory GDDR3
-SM 3.0 and HDR

-12 pipes ?to 16 pipes
-400 MHz core and 980 MHz mem
-No support for HDR and SM 3.0

Which one? Both are about the same price
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  1. X800GTO is the clear choice. The 6800XT is a total ripoff, and it's not powerful enough to run SM3 and HDR.
  2. Thanks for the reply. The reviews on Newegg said it was okay, but I guess I will go with the Gto.
  3. I assume you are talking about the AGP version.

    I agree with what prozac said.
    I have a Sapphire X800GTO. It seems that many of them are unlockable to 16-pipes including mine. I have noticed that Newegg recently changed the pictures of the Sapphire model. One has a long red PCB(printed circuit board) and a black fan while the other has a shorter red PCB and a semi transparent fan.

    My card is the long one with the black fan. This type is the one that seems to have a high rate of unlockability but low overclockability. The version with the transparent cooler may not unlock, I don't know. However, it may overclock better. Whatever the case, if you need help figuring out what you can do to tweak the card, let me know.
  4. I'll surely let you know.
  5. the x800gt will beat the crap out of the 6800xt... the 6800xt may have hdr and sm3 but no effin way will it run em...it sux
  6. I "had" a 6600GT (heat sink separated from GPU) and replaced it with a Newegg Saphire X800GTO. Used ATI tool and code from a dude in Sweden to unlock four additional pipes. This card flat out smashes 6600GT performances across the board. As for OC'ing, stock it doesn't ... heat is the killer. Get an aftermarket cooler. :D
  7. Heat may be a limiting factor in overclocking the memroy but I don't think it is the problem with the core on my card.

    I have an R430 core which doesn't overclock well due to physical limitations within the core. The manufacturing process for the R430 is not as good as that used for the R480 which is the best overclocker among the Radeon X800 and X850 series.
  8. Yeah, I got an x800gto about 2 months ago and Scougs helped me unlock the extra 4 pipes. It was worth every penny.
    Unless you want to get a 7800GS, the x800 gTO will run just about all games well.

    It rocks for all of my games and runs fine in my dell (yeah i know)

    It's a good choice.
  9. Thanks for the replies. The 6800XT recieved similar complaints on other forums. On my way to get the Sapphire X800gto, and yes AGP.
  10. ATI is having a sale on better performing X800XL's and X850Pro's, which can be flashed to X850XT PE. The X800XL are refurbished by ATI and still carry a warranty and are $119 and the X850Pro's are new and are $140. Both have free shipping and are AGP.

  11. Is it okay if I buy refurb.
  12. Since this refurb is straight from ATI and includes a warranty, you should be pretty safe. I would feel safe buying refurb from ATI. I'm getting the X850Pro though.
  13. before you rush off and buy just listen to me, by all means get the X800GTO. BUT if you find lots of proof (i mean like 10/12 people) saying that that card (6800XT) can open up the other 8 pipelines on the card get the 6800xt as it would then be identical to a 6800 Ultra.

    But if you can find no word about the 6800xt then just get the X800GTO, it is still a brilliant card and very good bang for buck!
  14. On newegg, they have numerous reviews about people going to 460 MHz core and 1.30 GHz memory with the 6800xt. Also, they have many people on the X800gto talking about 16 pipes out of the box. Im prob going to go w/ the gto+ an AT5. The X800gto is the one with the semi-tranparent fan, and the purple power connector. If I can even OC the gto to 500 MHz/1.05 GHz, I think that should beat the 6800xt.
  15. I think you should be able to.

    I have the older model (one with non-transparent hs/f) and it can go to 444/545 clock and mem speeds. (that's ddr so 1090 mhz memory speeds) easily and easy to unlock the extra 16 pipes. The model i have is VERY big. I don't know if there is a difference in size or not, but mine almost spans the whole motherboard length!

    Again, it's an awsome card and a must have for the price!!!!

    GO FOR IT!

    Oh, the clock speeds on mine (r430 core) can only get to about 444 and then it crashes the system. So don't expect a huge overclock!

    good luck
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