Help me plz im an idiot

I want to buy a graphics card, but i need a new psu for it, luckily they come as a combo @ newegg

I know nothing about computers, i got instructions on installing the card from the graphics forums
But i also was informed that gateway ( my computer's manufacturer ) is natorious for making slightly different models...
So my question is, How do i know if the psu is compatable with my case/computer/what ever else it has to be compatable with...before i buy it ???
If you think theres something else i should know...tell me...because i probably wont know it.
( i have everything concerning the graphics card down, i have cpie x16 slot etc. )

Can anybody tell me what the warenty means when it says
1 year service net replacement plan
1 year service net 1 peripheral extended plan
...what is the difference between them? (link to the psu i want to buy )
(link to my computer)

Oh, and do you think i will need a heat sinker or something?

Edit: Can somebody give me some info. on connecting it?
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  1. If your Gateway uses a standard ATX power supply (which I'm betting it does), it should be pretty easy to install. The stock cooler on the video card should be just fine, but if you're finding you're having video issues and your temps are high, pick up (this is a guess since you didn't say what card you're getting) a Zalman VF900.
  2. im getting a GeForce 7600gt , sorry i didnt say so.
    How do u check ur temps??
  3. There are lots of programs you can use to check your temps. I find that Everest Home Edition works well. The VF900 will work fine on your 7600GT.
  4. The 7600gt shouldn't have any cooling problems though, so you should be fine. I have a similar Gateway (500s), and I replaced my PSU and graphics card with no problem. Both are easy to do.
  5. should i get an extended warenty? ...30$ for 1 year is alot -_-, especially since im getting a card & a psu, thats 60$ for 1 year...
    if i get it and its 'doa' i can get it replaced within 30 days with out paying for a warenty, right?
  6. Quote:
    should i get an extended warenty? ...30$ for 1 year is alot -_-, especially since im getting a card & a psu, thats 60$ for 1 year...
    if i get it and its 'doa' i can get it replaced within 30 days with out paying for a warenty, right?

    dont get ur 7600GT thru gateway. Buy it from newegg, all Nvidia cards come with lifetime warranties.
  7. Depending on manufacturer*
  8. Quote:
    Depending on manufacturer*, im sure ALL nvidia gfx cards have lifetime warranties.
  9. Not quite all...some OEM products that Newegg sells do not come with manufacturer warranties. Only the boxed retail products. Including MS operating systems. It's what you are paying for when you are paying the difference between a builder's bundled version of Windows XP vs the retail version.

    The good news is the Newegg has decent policies with regards to OEM products that fail either out of the box or within a limited time after purchase.
  10. True, most places have a 7 day return policy regardless of reason. The additional cost of the extended plan is mostly profit since only 1/10 (just a guess) actually have problems. Even if you use the plan all they do is give you the new one and rma it themselves.

    My local store is good in that if a part is defective during it's warranty period it will check it in store and rma it for you. Then you don't have to deal with the manufacturers service staff answering stupid questions.
  11. JGC,
    1. Great PSU you've selected. A couple of points:
    a. Try installing the graphics card and using the Gateway PSU. The 7600GT is not the most power hungry PSU on the street and most PSUs from OEM PC mfrs are underrated. It may work like a charm. You need to monitor temps/voltages while stress-testing the graphics, but you could save yourself $100.
    b. If you do get the new PSU, then verifying a new PSU will fit/work B4 you buy/install will save you a lot of pain and frustration. Call/email Gateway tech support if the specific PSU you are purchasing is compatible with thier PC - both size and electrical specs. In the late 90's some OEMs, Dell, had issues with non-standard electrical wiring on PSU/Mobos, but I don't know of any that are doing that now.
    c. The most likely issues you will have are a non-standard bolt pattern for mounting the PSU and/or different layout for switch/fans on the rear of the Gaeway PSU. Take a look at the PSU on the back of your PC - specifically the bolts that are holding the PSU in place, placement of switches, etc. Directly compare that layout with the layout of the PSU you want to buy. If they are different, then you might need to mod the case to install the new PSU.

    2. You don't need to replace the heat sink/fan (HSF) on the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) unless the mfr HSF is too noisy. Just listen to it after you install the card. Yes, the VF900 cools better and is more quiet than factory cooling. No, you typically don't need it unless you are a quiet freak or an OCer.
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