Shuttle XPC PSU and current video cards

Hey all

Maybe someone out there can share a little info on my PSU vid card question.

I just picked this up on the cheap (Best Buy open box) Can't find this exact setup anywhere else, so not real sure how BB had it.

Shuttle XPC SN25P,1697,1769354,00.asp

Athlon 64 4000+

2 gig Corsair DDR400

2 WD SATA 160 gig HD's

DVD Burner


The PSU that came with it is 350 watts and built for the sff shuttle. Even though the thing performed surprisingly well with the preloaded COD2 and Wolfenstein I wana throw another card in there.

Any ideas as to what PSU may do the trick? I picked this up to use primarily for doing app dev and graphics for work, but there is nothing wrong with a little late night gaming party in the office. ;o)
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  1. Maybe you should tell us what video card you plan to update to so that we can answer the question?
  2. its a shuttle. I just saw one, no PSU will fit inside, u'll have to have one out side.

    The shuttle PSU's are decent, maybe an X1600
  3. Won't a micro atx psu fit in a shuttle?
  4. I have a couple of SN25P setups

    AMD 4400 X2 (Mild OC to @ 2.4GHZ aka 4800x2)
    2x1GB RAM
    EVGA 7800GTX KO 256
    WD 320GB HD


    AMD 3700 @ 2.2GHZ
    1GB RAM
    EVGA 7600GT OC 256
    WD 320GB HD

    Both run fine... Had some issues with PSU on first build with 7800GTX in that it failed to post after a couple of days - 7800GTX is kinda power hungry. RMA from Newegg and new box fine.

    Temps are warm - CPU to 50C, GPU 80-85C under max for X2/7800GTX under load but this is with ambient temp of 33+C and smartfan only - Fans don't even scale up at these temps. At 20C never went above 44C/75C.
  5. Quote:
    Won't a micro atx psu fit in a shuttle?

    hell. no. My friend just got a shuttle that wont boot. and that PSU in 1 inch thick and 9 inches long.
  6. Come to think of it SN25P only has one PCIEx16 slot the other is a PCIEX1.

    Unless you have a SN26P I think you might be stuck...
  7. Sounds useless then... no offence to those who own them.
  8. It's not too shabby - It is a SFF rig after all what do you expect?

    If you want a watercooled OC SLI rig then a SFF / Shuttle are not the way to go.

    But to get to be able to get a Dual core FX, 2gig ram, 7800GTX and raid raptors in a SFF is pretty good.

    My rig is generally one of the first into in to BF2.
  9. Quote:
    Sounds useless then... no offence to those who own them.

    nah, its sweet stuff. its puny. amazing.
  10. Thanks all

    At some point I will build an external liquid cooling system, but for now I need to get the PSU angle worked out.

    I have thought about having to go the external PSU route.

    I do have 7800GTX's, 7900GTX's and a single 7950 running at home. I can easily test the 7950 becasue it's no liquid cooled at this point.

    This weekend should lend a little time for some research and hands on with the box to get a better idea of the space I have. Any additional help is greatly appreciated.

    Waylander, based on the performance and price point....this system hardly qualifies as useless, thanks for the opinion though. lol

    I got the entire rig for a little over the price of a 4000+
  11. Sorry for the bump everyone

    I only need a single vid card. I have a couple of other boxes for gaming.

    Just want a good gfx card in here in the event we decide to game after work or something.
  12. Sure if you can get it for that price that's great...
  13. it'll prolly work.
  14. I went through this with the Tech Dev at EVGA - I was going to swap out my 7800GTX for a 7950 through there three month Pay the difference upgrade programme.

    I was assured that the 7950 would not fit. I would be interested if you were able to get the 7900GTX to go.

    I was concerned about the power. I think I must be close to max with the 7800GTX - The first PSU couldn't cope. I have no idea how they get two 7800GTX in SLI off a 350W PSU in the SN26P but I guess it must be possible!
  15. Quote:
    I am running into a problem with my g/f's mom's xpc. It only has a 240 watt and according to shuttle's website the particular model she has you can not upgrade the power supply with the 350 watt they offer. :x I am wanting to upgrade it so I can get a little more playable framerates with it in FFXI online than I currently get with it with the 5200fx that is in it. Funny thing is on shuttle's website and the vga support list it supposedly can handle a 9800 series ati or a nvidia 6800gt. Really do not see how that is possible with the power supply that is in it. Are they on crack or will it actually work????

    oh, that support list. omg, listen to it. my friends shuttle wouldnt boot because his card wasnt supported
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