Win 7 64bit over win7 32bit

How do you install win 7 64bit over windows 7 32bit - is it possible to make two partitions and install win 7 64bit on a differnent partition or not ?
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  1. i5 2500k and sapertooth p 67
  2. Yes, you can setup a dual boot config with 32-bit Win 7 in one partition and 64-bit in the other. You can't upgrade from 32-bit to 64-bit, you can only do a clean (custom) install.

    That being said, 2 licenses would be required for the dual boot config (I believe) and I don't really see the point. 64-bit Win 7 supports 32-bit apps just fine. I suggest you go with the 64-bit version only and minimize your headaches.

    Good luck!
  3. the problem is the cd dosent run either in the boot of the pc or it says is incobatible with this version - how do i make a win 7 64bit run in the start of the pc - do i need to use a usb ?
  4. You have to boot directly from the DVD. You can't boot into Windows 32-bit and then insert the 64-bit DVD (thus the error message). Understand now?
  5. i will try and see
  6. I'd like to emphasize CUSTOM install. It is the only way to do a clean install.
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