How can I register Microsoft Office 2007 Works if i tried to register too many t

Any ideas what my options may be? I've tried to register my software and it takes all numbers except for one number. I can't register, what should I do?
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  1. First, you should never post your e-mail address in a thread unless you want tons of SPAM! I have asked a moderator to remove this or you can edit your original post to remove yourself.

    Second, your only legal option to register Office properly in your situation is to perform the manual method of activation/registration by calling Microsoft (you should be presented with that option on the activation wizard).

    Good luck!
  2. ^1
    I have the uSoft office w/3 user installs.
    Do to Reinstalling windows a couple of time on a couple of the systems, I was presented with this and a notice to contact uSoft at such&such 800 number. Called and all they asked was How many computers is it currently installed on. Told the person this will make 3. They gave me a number, plugged it in and it then activated. Sense then I've reload and not received the message again.
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