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my motherboard is a "BIOSTAR GEFORCE 6100-M9 " and recently it has satrted making a long beeping noise when i turn on my never goes past the first screen that comes up before windows starts loading the login screen (the screen where im supposed to push DEL for Bios) just beeps one long beeeeeeeeep and never can i fix this problem?????
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  1. please list the rest of your specs.... the problem may not actually be the board. In my experience, a solid beep means that there are power connectors at the back of the video card that aren't hooked up. But since I don't know what video card you have, I can't say for sure.
  2. i have an x300 vid card...amd 64 3500....512 mb ULTRA ram...200gb maxtor hdd
  3. reseat all of your cables, and every device including the cpu....
  4. i did but it didnt work...can i reset the bios somehow...or do i need a new mobo???
  5. Quote:
    i did but it didnt work...can i reset the bios somehow...or do i need a new mobo???

    When he says reset all devices... He means it. Remove and clean the contacts with a small amount of distilled water or alcohol and then reseat.

    If that doesn’t work then remove everything that you don’t need to boot, including the HD's and test with that setup. Now reseat your gfx card again. Good. Now do it again, seriously this is normally a graphics issue. Test your ram. More than one stick? Remove one. Test. swap sticks. Test. Try a different gfx card with a buddy if you can. Same for your ram. Eliminate all the easy stuff and rule out everything else till you find the problem.

    Also the fact that you are getting an error beep means that the system is able to test itself and TELL you something is wrong. Like the check engine light in your car. When it comes on you know something is wrong, most likely not the ECU but something with the engine.
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