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Need Advice/Help W/choppy sound

Last response: in Windows 95/98/ME
July 16, 2001 2:46:13 AM

Hi all

First off I really didn't know where to make this post.
The problem: Choppy sound with Disney childrens games. After awhile these games will freeze the computer and reboot is needed.
This problem is only associated with Disney software.
I assembled the PC myself and it is far from perfect but it boots quickly and its stable.
PIII 866
Intel D815EEA mobo
256MB PC133
Quantum Fireball AS 20GB
ATI Radeon VE
SoundBlaster Live Value
Aopen 56K modem
On Board Intel NIC
On Board Sound is enabled under the device manager however no IRQ conflicts are present.
WinME is installed on this machine
DirectX 8.0 (

Personally I think the problem is a DirectX incompatablity with the Disney software because I have alot of other games installed and only the Disney software is unstable.

On my old machine when I upgraded the DirectX to 8.0 from 7.1 one of the Disney games would not run at all. However the sound on the rest of the games was fine.

I have already reformated the hard drive and reinstalled everything once and the problem still occurrs.

Has anyone ever experienced a similar problem?

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July 17, 2001 2:24:26 AM

I found a DirectX patch for one of the games, Magic Artist 3D, at their website. I guess it took them nearly a year to post the update. However there are a few display bugs that need to be worked out.
The choppy sound was fixed by adjusting the playback device settings in the Quick Time software. Instruction was found using the trouble shooting guide on the Disney web site.

I guess Wintel hasn't taken over MacDisney yet!