DNS Configuration To Support Multi-Domain AD

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Our AD deployment is most likey to be several DNS domains from a common
parent (root) domain.

For example
glb.tru.com, forest root
int.glb.tru.com, sub domain
ger.glb.tru.com, sub domain

In order to get seamless unqualified name resolution across all of these
domains, I can only conclude that all DNS cleints will need a domain suffix
search list that contains all other domains.

The number of sub domains could be a high as 10 and it troubles me that
every unqualiifed DNS query will have to chug through 10 suffixes before it
comes up with a final answer.

Our plan is to have run the glb.tru.com zone AD Integrated forest-wide, so
queries would not be going over the WAN.

Please comment on whether this is typical or otherwise reasonable approach.

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  1. Archived from groups: microsoft.public.win2000.active_directory (More info?)

    Replicating DNS across the forest doesn't stop you from needing multiple DNS

    However, a DNS server at the local location will reduce WAN-based DNS
    queries. If you can afford the additional replication (it's not going to be
    much of a hit) this is probably a good idea.

    Remember, you can now use GPO to configure DNS Suffixes, so use this and
    configure the order differently in each domain. If this is a single-domain
    environment, then link the GPO to the sites in question, and have a read of
    the following article regarding a dis-joint namespace:
    -- http://www.msresource.net/content/view/40/46/

    Paul Williams
    Microsoft MVP - Windows Server - Directory Services
    http://www.msresource.net | http://forums.msresource.net
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