Overclocking 805D on ECS P4M800PRO-M

Ive tried overclocking on this motherboard and i know its a crap motherboard but i thought i would be able to get a higer FSB than 145 Mhz...
any higher and it freezes in windows when i start an application or something.
The motherboard will only let me even increase the vcore to 1.4 so im wondering if thats the problem. Idle temp on the CPU is 40 and under load around 45 - 48 so im not sure if thats the problem. Im using Corsair TWIN2X 6400 DDR2 1024MB with default timings. When i start up CPU-Z it wont show me any info on RAM timinings. Im using a stock fan but i heard that i would be able to reach 166 Mhz FSB at least with it.
Please i need some help clocking this CPU

- i managed to get 170 Mhz FSB when i changed fro DDR533 to DDR400
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  1. should have gone with an Asus P5LD2
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