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anyone have problem sharing files/folders in a workgroup from server 2008 r2 to windows 7 ult, i had network discovery on for both as well as netbios, i can ping and see each other in the network place but just can't access the folders.

To summaries it, i share a folder in server 2008 r2 then i use windows 7 ult to access the folders and i can't, permission is set to everyone same goes to NTFS permission.
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  1. it seems after some troubleshooting, its confirm its 2008 r2 problem, i had no problem accessing a win 7 sharing but when win 7 or any xp machine try to access 2008 r2 sharing, it keep saying either cannot find the path or cannot access but i can ping both of them and can see them in the network.
  2. permissions both security and the share permissions need checked.
  3. thx i figure out it the symantac endpoint anti-virus problem, i tried to allow it but doesn't work so end up i unistalled it.
  4. haha end point protection is a pile of S**** if not configured properly, im currently upgrading our SEP server's DB to sql highly frustrating when someone has already tried to do it 1st and broke it.
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