No games work after Re-install OS , Will work best answer for help

Im not sure why my orginal thread got deleted, but it probably had something to do with the lines. That I only wanted a good answer and good people. Im having a problem here it is

No its not a mental problem. but here goes again

ive reinstalled Windows 7 , I have my old program files directory with my games. They are cracked, because im too lazy to use the dvd's and change them all the time. So I know they dont have to be installed the long way because theyve worked when Ive reinstalled before.

But I cant remember what things I had to put on to make the majority of them work. : NFS hot pursuit, GTA4, Cyrsis, Deadspace, all them.

Ive put on Direct X 11, Runtimes from Direct 9 and most distros.
Though Ive tried to put on Visual C++ runtimes, i tried removing them after I put everyone I could find on, and now they are a bit broken up where I cant uninstall them from the program add remove menu off control panel.

So one quick question. If I am running Windows 64, do I need to install the x86 packs. Because I have been, and did so last and previous working install of windows both packs. ? This is worth a lot to me even know that.

Since I just put on the OS, Im sure it cant be as silly as reinstalling it again.

I used IOBIT uninstaller, to rid the other visual basic runtimes, but they are left on the program add/remove still.

NVIDIA is installed newest drivers,
all chipset mobo/etc installed
audio right
Direct X 11 , with runtime distros from past

Visual C++ 2010 x64.

Mostly every game just hangs.

when loading up,

Should I kill windows with a bazooka?
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  1. reinstall the games instead of using the old directory backed up, some games write to other places then the c:\program files(x86)\*
  2. +1 reinstall.

    Copying games from a previous install wont work for most modern games.
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