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what i liked most about morrowind wasn't necessarily the graphical immersion of the game, so much as the immersive value of the storyline(s). the writing wasn't the most literary stuff i'd ever read, but the plots, dialogue, etc all hung together in such a fantastic web of relationships, that just the prospect of going through them and reading them all was compelling enough, to me, to keep me playing for something like 200+ hrs.

i was wondering if anyone wanted to comment on the quality of writing in oblivion...

is the dialogue well-written?

are the side plots, guild quests, etc interesting ENOUGH to make you want to see them all?

do the storylines interweave in a compelling way?

and finally, do the plot-based details hang together so tightly (like they did in morrowind) as to give one the impression of a fully self-contained story-world?

...all of these questions are compared to morrowind. i don't know of any other games out there that even attempt this kind of thing besides TES. and maybe neverwinter nights. if anybody knows of others, i would love to play them :)
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  1. oops! i posted this in the wrong forum. is there a way for me to move it? or will somebody else do it?
  2. Oblivion has less books than morrowind (though you can download Morrowind books and Daggerfall books for it), but to me the side quests have been largely coherent and well written. I haven't done that much in the main quest though (I do every thing else first, then the main quest). Just MHO.
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