Budget upgrade... Nvidia 7950 Oh Yea!

Been watching the forums and looking around the web for really anything on the 7950. Just can't seem to find much. My first thought was ok, here an SLI solution for a single slot, sounds good. :) Now from what I CAN find on the web the 7950's performance falls between the 7900 in SLI and a single 7900. I know its clocked slower over all.
What I've got is an MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum with an x64 3200 and a 6600GT video and a gig of Kingston value RAM. Nvidia says I need BIOS v1.d, I've got v1.4, ok, need to update that, no prob. If I've got $1200.00 to spend, do you think the 7950, An X2 4400, and Corsair XMS (2gig), is a good way to go?
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  1. I'd say wait for Conroe to come out on July 27. Get the E6400, with 2GB of DDR2 667/800 RAM, and wait for the DX10 graphics cards to come out. Use your 6600GT until the DX10 cards come out; no sense in paying $500+ for a card which will soon be obselete.
  2. You just got me a week of free lunches!! :lol:
    I had a wager with a friend that SOMEONE would tell me to wait for "Conroe", not only so but it was the first reply!! 8)
    Kinda a note here. I got this system for the cost of a new power supply. I was kinda wondering how far I could take it on a budget, Which is why I posed the question I did. Still thinking about it and waiting and watching. 8)
    Ya'all be well!!
  3. Quote:
    You just got me a week of free lunches!! :lol:

    You're welcome.
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