XFX 7800GS Possible Problem?

I just recently got the XFX 7800GS AGP 440/1300 for my home system to try and bring some life back into it. I appear to be having similar problems.

My System Specs

AMD Athlon XP 3000+ Barton 333FSB
Shuttle AN35N Ultra AGP in 8x mode
1GB OCZ Dual CHannel Memory
WD 200 GB Ultra 100 8MB Cache
Liteon 16x DVD Burner
450Watt PS with 25A on +12V
NVidia Forceware Driver 91.31

I am a big player of BF2 and decided to upgrade from a 5700LE to the Best 7800GS i could find. Once it was here I decided to put it in at the time (only 3 days ago) my PS was a 400 Watt with only 14A on +12V things ran fine my Aqua Mark 3 score went from 16000 to 50000. I was impressed and very pleased with the card. So i put my BF2 in and set the settings to max with no AA and a resolution of only 1024X768. IT RAN LIKE CRAP. even at low settings i swear my 5700LE ran it smoother. I thought that maybe it was the PS and decided to upgrade. Also I thought maybe there was something wrong with my OS so I completely reformatted it and did a 100% fresh install with all the latest drivers as of 2 days ago. even after all that It still runs like crap. Benchmarks didnt even budge. I dont think that my card is bad since I thougholy stressed the crap out of it running AquaMark3, 3DMark03, 05, and 06 back to back to back to back and the system never hanged or restarted. I think that either there is s driver problem or that my CPU is a bottleneck. Any thoughts?
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  1. With 1gb of RAM, BF2 will run like crap at max settings.
  2. Ya more ram, also I have the bfg all med for me single player high. I do have a few on high for MP. It seem to me the servers need more omphs because I can play on one server at great game play with high to med and others are crap, its not pings its power in the server that counts. If you can get your hands on a 200MHZ processor that will sharply improve gameplay I know I have both barton 2500 in my sons computer with a real great vcard 6800ge it plays bf2 real good but not near as good as the xp3200. I can tell you that asus made one hell of a card with the 6800ge it is currently at 425mhz and 1250mhz memory I just cannot believe the performance of that card.
  3. but i m running bf2 at high settings with my xfx 6600 gt at 30-35 fps with 1 gb ram.i think prob is with driver's.
  4. High settings don't really need more than 1gb of RAM, but he's running max settings.
  5. Quote:
    High settings don't really need more than 1gb of RAM, but he's running max settings.

    High settings are the max settings.

    I play BF2 on a daily basis with only 1Gb of ram and a 7800GS.....my experience is great. To the original poster....how are your other games?
  6. ??

    Aren't there min, med, high, and max setting?
  7. Ok I would like to update this. I have done some testing with a few of my freinds comptuers mainly using them for their AGP and high CPU. here is what i Have found.

    My System with an AMD XP 3000+ (OC'd to 2.513GHz)
    BF2 high, no AA, 1280x1024 Runs around 42-51FPS average lowest seen was 33FPS

    My system with an AMD XP 300+ (not OC'd)
    BF2 high, no AA, 1280x1024 Runs around 27-35FPS Averae and is constantly dipping into the mid 10's. = crap

    G/F's system AMD Athlon 64 939 3200 (My xfx 7800GS)
    BF2 high, no AA, 1280x1024 Runs around 45-57 FPS Average lowest seen was 35 = ran smooth

    Freind's System AMD Athlon 64 4000 939 (My XFX 7800GS)
    BF2 high, 2x AA, 1280x1024 Runs around 50-62 FPS Average and never went below 41FPS = ran amazingly great

    All systems had 1 GB PC3200 Ram, All same driver, all same version of game. So I belive that the main problem that I am atleast noticing is that the majority of people myself included claiming to have low FPS with such a powerful AGP card seem to have slow processors. I am ordering myself a new MOBO and the AMD 64 4000+. I will not let a great card go to waist. exspecially since my G/F got it for my B-Day back on the 10th.
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