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Well, I'm finally going to buy a video card. I have a few choices to make and would like some help. I'm thinking of something top-end or close to top-end and need to know which one is the best idea.

I'm thinking of a 7950GX2, a X1900XTX, or a 7900GTX.

Of these, which one would be the best for the money. Since the release of the 7950s the other top end cards have dropped alot, and since DX10 isn't too far off I'm not sure if I want to spend 560+shipping on a card.

Both the x1900xtx and 7900GTX seem like they can run most modern games very good and should last for atleast until DX10 comes out, so my question is: Is there really any reason to go up to a 7950GX2 if I don't plan on playing my games at the very highest resolutions?


I've done some research on N-Vidia vendors, and it seems they are pretty similiar, with BFG, EVGA, and XFX coming at the top of most peoples lists and with them all coming in at pretty similiar prices, however the ATI cards seem to vary ALOT more in terms of prices are their top manufacturers the same or different? Also does ATI make their own cards? I see alot of cards in boxes that don't appear to have manufacturers on them and was just wondering.
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  1. I'm building a system and I'm going with the 7950gx2, here's why:

    1) I have a 24" 1920x1600 monitor I want to run in native resolution. Only two single card solutions seem to be up to the task, the 1900xtx and the 7950gx2
    2) The GX2 is only about $100 more than the 1900xtx, and is supposedly more energy efficent.
    3)I'm going with a 965 chipset so I won't be able to use crossfire or SLI. If I upgraded to a 975 chipset I could use crossfire but it'd cost me an extra $100 which is the price difference between the 7950GX2 and 1900xtx
  2. Actually I've been able to find x1900xtx for 400 or so, whereas the 7950GX2s are usually up around 550-575...
  3. Quote:
    Actually I've been able to find x1900xtx for 400 or so, whereas the 7950GX2s are usually up around 550-575...

    And don't forget, X1900XT is very close to XTX and GTX performance levels and can be found for as little as $325.
  4. Well the price I'm looking at for the XTX is only 50 bucks more. At this price its a steal and I think I'll go with it and see how long it lasts me.
  5. For $50, I'd do the XTX also. Hopefully you'll end up with higher clockable memory.
  6. Yeah I pretty much made up my mind when I saw it for that price, considering its a 2 hundred buck difference between that and the 7950GX2 I think I'll just stick with the x1900xtx for now, by the time the power of the 7950GX2 really gets used it'll be about time to buy a DX10 card anyway and this'll give me an $200 to go above whatever I was going to spend then so it'll improve that one too.
  7. That's the route I plan on doing and would have done if buying again today. Just get something that offers great bang for the buck and enough performance to keep you happy at the resolution you play your games at. Then put the savings away for when you replace it with a G80/R600 etc.
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