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Hi guys. I installed Win 7 service pack 1 yesterday. And since then my pc games have stuttered so hard that I cant play at all. Before the update they worked fine, after the update, GTA 4 driving feels like hiccup and Crysis lags like hell. I read a lot of complaints about Win 7 sp1 making computers slow. Some says uninstall it still doesnt work. Is restoring the only choice for me now?

Please let me know your opinions. I think Win 7 sp1 update should be the reason as my computer is new and specs pretty decent. Before the update everything worked smoothly.

I also hate IE9 and Apple iPod new software update, now my apps cant work at all. Damn all those updates. They seem to cause more harm than good for me.
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  1. remove them, i cant see why you still have them installed if they are still giving your grief.
  2. So just go to Control Panel and uninstall it? People have the same problem said uninstalling didnt work. Im afraid i would just make another mistake and mess up the system.
  3. remove the problem software, not all updates will improve your system
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