LCD vs CRT (Dumb question... I know)

I was wondering which is better right now? Everyone around me seems to be going LCD, and I'm stuck with my big old CRT hawking my desk space....

The issue I have with LCD, is native resolution. Is this still a big issue? In games, if I choose to go to 1600x1200 on a LCD with 1280x1024 native res, will it hamper visual appearance by much?
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  1. you can only go lower with lcd... it is not possible to go higher with the resolution e.g. 1280x1024 native = max...

    there's a good article on the frontpage with the newer big lcd 20 inch screens which also seem to give good picture quality on lower resolutions.

    the rule though is: native res = best picture for the lcd screen

    hope that helps u decide what to buy
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