For the past couple of months I have been trying to network my two computers. I have absolutley no background in networking and what not, but I do in other areas. Both computers are in the same room and are using Windows XP and are both up to date on all updates and what not. I am currently using AOL DSL (Verizon DSL), and I have a Linksys router with 4 or so ports. I have tried everything I can think of with my limited knowledge of networking, but everything I try fails. I manage to get connected to the internet at the same time on both computers so I am pretty sure that everything it hooked up right. It seems to me that the two computers aren't finding each other (in lack of a better way of saying it) because even when connected to the internet, an attempt at having the computers communicate fails. So there's the problem and I hope you can help. If you need computer specs I'd be happy to give them or whatever other information. Thanks.
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  1. Have you tried running the "Set up a home or small office network" under My Network Places?
    You will also need to share some folders on each computer to transfer files.
  2. I have actually tried that so many times that I have lost count. Everytime I do it, it seems to have worked but then I try to share a folder and it doesn't work.
  3. goto start, run and then type cmd. then type ipconfig /all
    check the ip address on both. Also make sure the subnet mask and default gateway are the same. And make sure dhcp is enabled on the router.
  4. I am having the same problem except that I have only been trying since last night! Am thinking that I might try setting up static IP addresses for each PC, I also read somewhere that you can search for a PC on your network and so I will probably try that as well. I am probably following the wrong line of investigation but there seems to be very little info about setting up networks such as these. Will keep you posted on my progress. If you find a solution could you kindly let me know!

    FYI: i am using a D-link DI-604 broadband router and two hi spec XP machines.


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  5. I haven't made any progress myself, but I have tried searching for the other PC on the network but it still didn't work for me.
  6. Spent a couple of minutes playing last night after i returned from a corporate event and have now updated both windows xp machines with all of the service packs and downloads from the Microsoft site. I then shared all of the drives (right click properties sharing)and created a new sharing protocol so that everyone had full access to the drive (i will review what to share and not share afterwards) I then restarted both machines. Under network neighbourhood & then workgroup i could see my other machine however when i clicked on it it gave an error message about IP addresses or something (was too pissed to really remember!). I think this is progress and i will pursue this tonight with a mate who has already set up his own network!

    I'll keep you posted.


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  7. On occasion I've been able to share some files (and therefore see the other computer) but every time I try to access the file, it says that I'm not allowed to have access to it, regadless of how I've setup the sharing. So I went back through and made sure everyhthing was still accessable for both computers, yet it still didn't work. Dunno whats going on but I'm gonna keep trying.
  8. list the ips and gateway addresses
    goto run type cmd. then enter ipconfig /all and list what the numbers are
  9. IP Address. . . . . . . . . . . . :
    Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
    Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :
    DHCP Server . . . . . . . . . . . :
    DNS Servers . . . . . . . . . . . :
  10. xp home or pro? Also do you see the folders? If so perhaps its a security issue. Check the properties of the folder to make sure you have permission to open it. This only applies if you are running an ntfs partition tho. Something you might want to try is ftp or telnet to the other pc or even a simple ping command to verify that you "see" the other pc. This shouldnt be a problem if you are actually seeing the folders on the other pc.
  11. Why is the DNS set to the same as the default gateway?

    Your DNS should be set to the IP your ISP recommend as a DNS server. Granted, it'll go through the default gateway to get there.

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  12. What are the values for the other computer(s)?
    Your DNS server is wrong. Shouldnt be the same as your gateway/subnet mask.
    Sounds like you have not set up the password access correctly.
  13. Ok I have it working. Will tell you how i did it when i get home from work. I will give you a quick snippet of what i think it may be now so excuse me if i get muddled!

    Firstly i will assume that as you can see the drives but not access them you have set up names for both pc's and that you have used the same workgroup name on both computers.

    Secondly check that you have used the same usernames and passwords on both machines.

    Thirdly check that you have shared all the drive you want to use on both machines - NOTE Does the sharing screen look different on each machine? (This is what was wrong with mine!!) If it does you have simple sharing on one computer and advanced on the other. To rectigy this do the following:

    Go into the drive you want to share click view, file options(i think!) and go to the scroll down screen where you normally go to select "hide hidden files / show hidden files". On that list there should be an option to turn simple file sharing on/off. Make sure that simple file sharing is turned on for both machines. Then go into the drives on both machines and check that you have selected to share the drive (read and write is preferable).

    Four turn your firewalls off for both machines (you can set these up to allow network connection later)

    Now go to network neighbourhood, workgroup, open the other computer which should be named here and your files should be displayed.

    If not i will send you a link to a different forum that has some useful tips on how to get it working.

    You may want to check if your connection is working by going to the start menu, accessories, folder (i cant remember the name of!), remote desktop

    click on this, type in the computer name you want to enter, and then put in the user name and password of an administrator account for the other machine and click ok. You should now be able to see your other computer's desktop confirming that it is a file sharing issue rather than a network issue!

    I'll send the link later, let me know how you get on!


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  14. Quote:
    Your DNS server is wrong. Shouldnt be the same as your gateway/subnet mask.

    Incorrect. Most routers will do DNS forwarding. As long as you have the correct DNS addresses set up in the router, using your router's IP for DNS is perfectly OK.

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  15. I am assuming from your lack of reply that you have the networking issues sorted. Let me know how you got on and how you got it fixed. Might be worth posting it so that others know how you fixed it especially as others have spent a fair amount of time helping you out and this little bit of info may save them the hours that you spent trying to sort your machines out!!

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  16. On my wireless router (buffalo wrp 54 or something) there is an option in the setup interface to set a privacy screen. I have that enabled and I can't see the other computer on my lan. I don't know if this helps but I though I'd share.

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